Immunity & Zinc; Important Nutrition Research

Zinc is an important nutrient when it comes to immunity. A review published by the Molecular Diversity Preservation International shows how zinc plays a central role in the immune system and how zinc-deficient individuals experience increased susceptibility to a variety of pathogens. The researchers from the Aachen University Hospital in Germany describe the links between altered zinc homeostasis and disease development. The review considers cellular function, such as the intracellular killing of harmful pathogens, cytokine production as well as ROS production, and how they are dependent on zinc. These responses and overall immunity are impaired when zinc is deficient. According to the authors, changes in extracellular zinc levels have been suggested to activate immune cells, functioning as ‘danger signals’. In this regard, zinc can be recognised as a gatekeeper of healthy immunity since the adequate function of almost all immune cells is highly zinc-dependent.

Whole Health Immune Complex contains active ingredients including Zinc which supports immune defences. This supplement is a colloidal mineral providing a targeted approach for easily-absorbed nutrition.

Reference: Wessels, I., Maywald, M., Rink, L. (2017) ‘Zinc as a Gatekeeper of Immune Function’, University Hospital RWTH Aachen

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