Zephorium Soul Tonics – New Test Kit

The Zephorium Soul Tonics range are self-empowering tools for transformation and balancing. By addressing holistic imbalances, they can protect, heal and restore. They combine colour therapy, aromatherapy, homoeopathy, crystals and affirmations, in a beautiful collection of soul tonics.

Each tonic celebrates a chakra, and the carefully selected ingredients bring to life the thorough and positive components needed for the overall health of that chakra. The soul filters energetic consciousness and so events, dreams, hopes, desires, fears, traumas and regrets are all absorbed by the chakras. By healing chakras, we influence lives and health and well-being.

Sarah Cox, energy therapist, created  Zephorium Soul Tonics to empower people through understanding and show that thought power is key to creating our reality. Using the soul tonics encourages the release of old patterns and negative beliefs.

The test kit, designed to help kinesiologists, dowsers and bio resonance testers, contains each of the 8 aura sprays and body/massage oils available.

Integrating Zephorium products into a healthcare regime can help overhaul the entire holistic way of wellness. They are 100% natural and vegan-friendly. Call the office today for a Zephorium Soul Tonics brochure.