Vitamin C – Cognitive Function

A study published in the Journal, Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience supports the intake of dietary and supplemental Vitamin C to enhance cognitive function. Alzheimer’s and Dementia are becoming increasing health concerns among the elderly community. Anyone over 60 years is particularly vulnerable to Vitamin C deficiency.

The study indicates a significant association between vitamin-C plasma concentrations and performance on tasks involving attention, focus, working memory, decision speed, delayed and total recall, and recognition.

Whole Health Cognitive Complex is a popular holistic supplement recommended by CAM Providers. It contains Vitamin C along with Amino Acids, B Vitamins, Vitamin D3 and Magnesium Citrate. This supplement tests positive by CAM Providers for restorative properties and may help with brain and mental activities such as thinking, learning, memory and judgement. A CAM Provider can evaluate a person’s health requirements and create a helpful strategy to achieve optimal health status.

Reference: Nikolaj Travica, Karin Ried, Avni Sali, Plasma Vitamin C Concentrations and Cognitive Function: A Cross-Sectional Study, Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 2019,11

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