Vitamin C and COVID-19

The Global Campaign VitaminC4COVID backed by a consortium of Vitamin C researchers, doctors and healthcare professionals makes a plea for regulators to bring vitamin C into the therapeutic realm of measures in the battle against COVID-19. The campaign cites over 100 research papers on Vitamin C trials as published in the Journal Nutrients some of which are specific to COVID-19 and upper respiratory system infections. Renowned nutrition spokesman and author, Patrick Holford leads this campaign. It is his hope that within a year Governments and health authorities will have incorporated Vitamin C into prevention and early treatment for COVID-19 and similar viral infections. Holford suggests that Vitamin C is proactive in keeping one’s immune system strong which is a critical part of any anti-viral strategy.

A full review article as published in the Journal Nutrients, October 2020, Anita Carr and Sam Rowe ‘The Emerging Role of Vitamin C in the Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19’ can be viewed here