Vegan Omega-3 : An Alternative to Fish Oil

A study published in the Journal ‘Scientific African’ identifies microalgae as the best natural source of omega-3 DHA over fish oil. Mental health illness associated with poor nutrition is a serious public concern worldwide. The most at risk individuals are children and adolescent. Deficiencies in omega-3 DHA fatty acids have long been recognized as a major contributing factor for mental health illnesses. Norsan Vegan oil is a popular holistic supplement to help with supplementing omega-3. Ideally a CAM Provider can evaluate an individual’s health requirements and create a helpful strategy to achieve wellness goals. The article discusses the benefit of supplementation for improved mental health.

Reference: Christina N. Charles, Titus Msagati, Hulda Swai, Musa Chacha, Microalgae: An alternative natural source of bioavailable omega-3 DHA for promotion of mental health in East Africa, Scientific Africa, Volume 6, November 2019

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