VAT on Food Supplements

The Revenue have announced plans to start charging VAT (23%) on all food supplements as of March 1st 2019. This is concerning news for all health enthusiasts and for people who rely on the support and actions of health supplements.

Our Government launched Healthy Ireland in 2013. This approved, national framework called for action to improve the health and well-being of our population. The initiative outlined four goals;

  • Increase the proportion of people who are healthy at all stages of life,
  • Reduce health inequalities,
  • Protect the public from threats to health & well-being,
  • Create an environment where every individual and sector of society can play their part in achieving a healthy Ireland.

The Department of Health acknowledged that Ireland’s health profile is changing. A healthy population is both an asset and a national priority. The Revenue’s plans appear on face value to completely challenge these goals. Some people rely on nutritional support to manage pain, improve flexibility or to enhance immunity during stressful or challenging periods. This price increase completely threatens the reduction of health inequalities.

VAT is predominantly charged on luxury items. However, this new tax questions the Government’s priorities and how it distinguishes staying healthy or maintaining a level of wellness with that of a superficial or low necessity commodity.

What can you do:

Write to your local TD, senator or councillor. Object vocally to the price increase. Health is not a luxury item. Have your voice heard and take back freedom of choice when it comes you own well-being.