Turmeric – Curcumin and its link to Colon Health

Researchers at the University of Arizona’s Steele Children’s Research Center conducted a study in which they uncovered that curcumin,which is the bio-active molecule derived from the spice Turmeric, blocks the protein cortactin in colon cancer.

Curcumin has been scientifically studied previously and it has shown to have the ability to reverse, suppress and prevent the development of cancer. The study, published in PLOS One in January 2014 and was led by an experienced team of  investigators, Dr. Fayez K. Ghishan, professor and head of the UA Department of Pediatrics, Pawel Kiela, associate professor in the UA Department of Pediatrics; and Vijay Radhakrishnan, assistant scientist in the UA Department of Pediatrics. Read full report.