Travel Tips

With holidays on the hopefully sunny horizons, it is helpful to be prepared as we gather together some essentials. For those travelling abroad, it is useful to have some staples on hand. Whether it is therapeutic or preventative care, these double-up as capable remedies. BAC is always popular to help boost the immune system as well as an instant hand sanitiser. It is useful for stomach upsets too. For those preferring something more solid, Olive Leaf Extract capsules offer anti-pathogenic properties as well as antioxidant virtues, helping neutralise free pathogens. ANX or REL are helpful for nervous travellers. For those travelling by road, VTG is an excellent homoeopathic for motion sickness. HCZ helps ease constipation symptoms. Travel Essence from the Australian Bush Flower Remedies helps offset the emotional effects of travel, especially if one feels disorientated or drained after their journey. For skin subjected to a little too much sun, Argiltubo, a ready-to-use clay, is a soothing mask which eases hot or stinging skin. It also doubles up as a luxurious face and body exfoliator. It is always best to consult with your CAM Provider so that individual health requirements can be met and monitored. Happy Holidays!