‘The Wonder of Stillness’ – Meditation for Children

Incorporating meditation for children into school or home routines can provide them with an abundance of positive reinforcements and possibilities. Meditation can also help overcome sleep problems and encourage improved self-esteem. A healthy balanced mind blends left brain activity such as reasoning or logic with right brain activity like creativity, art and intuition.

In her new book, Michelle Sorrell, a homeopath, presents a practical guide for parents and teachers who wish to encourage and guide children to a place of inner stillness. The book is divided into five sections; Calming, Uplifting, Creativity, Confidence and Self-Healing. She provides leading meditations and tips to enhance the child’s learning environment.

The book is suitable for children aged 3-11 although there are some options for infants. In a modern environment where there is a lot pressure early on to succeed academically and with social media and technology at the forefront of kids interests, providing a lifelong skill such as mediation can help balance and anchor children who need reassurance and time to reflect or feel calm.

‘The Wonder of Stillness is available now throughAMAZON