The Skin You’re In

The skin is the body’s largest organ and like any other organ, it is a specialised set of tissues that works together to perform necessary biological functions. Skin problems are among the most common reasons for which people seek homeopathic treatment. In homeopathy, the body is viewed as a complex network of interconnected parts. When all of these interconnected parts are in balance, the body is considered healthy. Any issues that pop up – skin related or otherwise, can be traced back to an imbalance within the body. A kinesiologist can test non-intrusively using muscle testing and the body will show where imbalances, deficiencies, injury or stress lies and what is needed to regain equilibrium.

Skin conditions can be addressed both topically and internally, recognizing the importance of a holistic approach. We supply a range of therapeutic formulas in a gentle cream base, each geared towards specific ailments where topical applications are appropriate. Our creams use a non-toxic lanolin-free base. Creams such as Chickweed Complex can help with eczema and psoriasis, Comfrey is suitable for sprains, strains and painful joints while Thuja provides anti-viral properties used to soothe inflamed skin such as shingles or chicken pox. NuDerma cream offers soothing and excellent relief for psoriasis, itching or Athlete’s Foot. Traumaide cream is our most popular first-aid savior. Blending our homeopathic TRA formula with vitamin E oil and ingredients including Symphytum Officinale and Bellis Perrenis, this cream has shown time and again its usefulness for aches, pains, bruises and helping provide reassurance during stressful periods. Have a jar on hand for children’s tumbles or knocks. It is great for sports enthusiasts who may feel stiff or strained after a heavy workout. It is popular among ageing golfers and tennis players, helping loosen tightness. It has also been used for those experiencing shock or upset, gently massaged on the hands and over the chest area, taking time to slowly breath in its relaxing properties. Traumaide is the #1 all-rounder cream, helping soften and release some of life’s little blows.