Summer Travel Plans

With holiday upon us, we encourage you to pack some basic essentials which can help weather common complaints while away. Preventative measures are often the easiest way to encourage a smooth and enjoyable vacation. For all Home-Use Kits, we encourage the inclusion of BAC and VIR. BAC is a wonderful remedy to help with tummy upsets and it’s also a great hand sanitizer. No more sticky residue, this is gentle to both the skin and immune system. VIR can be used to help safeguard against nasty bugs and viruses. Take a week beforehand to help prepare the body and strengthen natural responses. As most of us plan to relax and enjoy our holidays for a week or two, Hepex, the homoeopathic liver cleanser, is a courteous way of showing our liver that we do care about it and we are very grateful for all its important detoxification efforts on our behalf.  Microflora Liq. is a homoeopathic probiotic which helps strengthen natural immune responses. It can also help alleviate mild digestive complaints.  If upset stomachs and delicate constitutions are your particular weak areas while travelling, consider Digestive System Liq. It also works wonders after a heavy meal or over-indulgence. ADI may also come in handy for bouts of diarrhea. Remember to stay well hydrated throughout your travels also.

For those of you who take great pleasure in the sun and high temperatures, Australian Bush Flower Essences provide a lovely remedy called Mulla Mulla, which can help with sunburn. It’s great mixed with our own Vitamin E cream but can also be taken internally. It reduces the negative effects of the sun’s rays and encourages feelings of comfort with heat. For those preparing their bodies for the beach, or for people who find they suffer from sun burn, pack the versatile and luscious Argiltubo Clay Mask. Made from Sicilian green clay, this ready-to-use face and body mask can help sooth red or burnt skin. It also improves the look of skin tone, firming and refreshing the appearance of fine lines, stretch marks and cellulite. Its exfoliating and anti-ageing action is another reason this mask is so popular, and it also soothes the appearance of acne and pimples.

Australian Bush Flower Essences also offers a Travel Essence which is great for jet lag. It helps people feel more balanced when they arrive at their destination, especially if they find travelling disorientates, depletes or drains them. For those of nervous disposition, travel with our own ANX. This is a popular first-aid remedy for all sorts of trials and tribulations and it helps restore a sense of calm and peace for those who feel agitated and anxious. It can be particularly helpful for those who don’t enjoy flying. Speaking of which, don’t forget some Algin, to help counteract the negative effects of airport travel. Often people find themselves quite unbalanced after flights. This can also be due to the disruption of the central meridian equilibrium. So keep in mind how the environment around you makes you feel and how it can affect you and your wellness.