Quercetin – Diabetes

A review paper was recently published in the Journal ‘Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy’ which outlines the literature supporting the role of the flavonoid quercetin in protecting against diabetes and its complications. Quercetin possesses hypoglycemic properties as well as its much researched anti-inflammatory, anti-platelet and estrogenic properties.

New Vistas Vitamin C Capsules contain quercetin. This supplement was designed to fight free radicals, cellular ageing and inflammation. Ideally a CAM Provider can devise a suitable program to cater for an individual’s health needs. This article discusses the benefits of supplementation to combat chronic health issues like diabetes.

Reference: Guang-Jiang Shi et al In vitro and in vivo evidence that quercetin protects against diabetes and its complications: A systematic review of the literature, Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 2019

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