Zephorium Ruby Crystal – Base Chakra

Zephorium Ruby Crystal – Base Chakra


Base Chakra – Strength & Grounding

Ylang Ylang, Black Pepper, Rosewood, Patchouli Oils



Base Chakra – Strength and Grounding

The base chakra represents the body’s relationship with the material world. It grounds people in their physical existence. Red is the colour of blood and of life. It can boost determination, the will to survive and battle through. It is strong and forceful.

Ingredients: water, homoeopathically potentised ruby crystal, essential oils of ylang ylang, black pepper, rosewood and patchouli.

What’s it used for: Dissolves anger, strengthens survival instincts, offers security and grounding. Protective boundaries. Energy.

Who would benefit: People showing signs of grief, lack of self-confidence, depression, instability, fear of life, victim mentality, withdrawal from physical reality.

Why is it favoured: Ylang Ylang soothes the body and soul and helps ground and strengthen. Ruby Crystal is a protective stone which are used for courage, enthusiasm and safety. They are also used if a life lacks passion.


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