Zephorium Rose Quartz Crystal – Heart Chakra

Zephorium Rose Quartz Crystal – Heart Chakra


Heart Chakra – Love and Surrender

Rose, Palmarosa and Rosewood Oils



Heart Chakra – Love & Surrender

Rose oil opens the heart chakra to loving self and others. Its nurturing fragrance relieves grief and sadness enabling us to let go of the past and embrace love. Rose Quartz rebalances the heart and helps us to find calm, peace and joy. Rose Quartz Crystal is a passionate stone encouraging a renewed enthusiasm for life.

Ingredients: water, homeopathically potentised rose quartz crystals, essential oils of rose absolute, palmarosa, rosewood.

What’s it used for: Encourages openness to love; to new experiences; to life itself. Expression, unconditional love, hope, attracts people with a clear sense of purpose.

Who would benefit: People who have a lack of love in their lives, symptoms of hurt, betrayal, half-heartedness, procrastination, people who appear judgmental or overly concerned with others. Manipulation, exhaustion, jealousy.

Why is it favoured: Rose Absolute is the quintessential oil of love. It is a beautiful, intoxicating, sensual oil that acts as a heart opener. Rose quartz crystal instigates calm, peace and joy.

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