Zephorium Carnelian Crystal – Sacral Chakra

Zephorium Carnelian Crystal – Sacral Chakra


Sacral Chakra – Freedom & Creativity

Orange, Frankincense & Palmarosa Oils



Sacral Chakra – Freedom & Creativity

Related to the sexually-aroused energy flow. Carnelian Crystal encourages creative energies and how you seek pleasure.  It  is  how  you  connect with people and the surrounding environment. Enjoys the sensations of physically being alive. Connected to the five senses.

Ingredients: water, homoeopathically  potentised  carnelian  crystals,  essential  oils  of orange, frankincense, palmarosa.

What’s it used for: Strengthens spontaneity, intimacy, creativity, pro- creation and self-confidence.

Who would benefit: Fiery but not aggressive characters, muddled thinking, lack of acceptance, guilt, self-gratification, addiction, emotional dependency, denial of feelings as a child.

Why is it favoured: Orange oil is a cheerful, warming, uplifting fragrance. Carnelian crystal keep one present in the moment and aids motivation & creativity.

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