Zephorium Aquamarine Crystals – Throat Chakra

Zephorium Aquamarine Crystals – Throat Chakra


Throat Chakra – Truth and Integrity

Neroli, Lavender, Pettigrain, Frankincense and Black Pepper Oils



Throat Chakra – Truth & Integrity

Neroli oil helps to overcome anxiety and listen to our own inner wisdom. It calms and soothes the mind and body, enabling us to access and speak our truth. Aquamarine Crystals are the stone of courage. It is said to clarify the mind and unblock the thoughts, encouraging self expression. It helps clear the throat chakra giving strength to powerfully stand and speak our truth.  It is the colour of healing and complements creativity and telepathy.

Ingredients: water, homeopathically potentised aquamarine crystals, essential oils of neroli, lavender, pettigrain, frankincense, black pepper.

What’s it used for: Creativity, enhanced verbal communication, truth, integrity.

Who would benefit: Fearful or frustrated personalities, lacks the ability to express true feelings. Stressed individuals. Gossiping, talks too much, manipulative, timid, rage.

Why is it favoured: Neroli can sooth and calm a busy mind and busy. Helps overcome anxiety. Aquamarine is the stone of courage. It encourages self-expression and clarifies the mind.

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