Zephorium Amethyst Crystal – Crown Chakra

Zephorium Amethyst Crystal – Crown Chakra


Crown Chakra – Calm and Wisdom

Lavender, Geranium and Neroli Oil



Crown Chakra – Calm & Wisdom

The natural healing and calming qualities of lavender oil has been cherished for centuries. Zephorium Amethyst Crystal is used for calming & protection. It has a high spiritual vibration, which helps connect us to our Universal Wisdom. Understands true nature of reality and uniqueness.
Ingredients: water, homeopathically potentised amethyst crystals, essential oils of lavender, geranium and neroli.

What’s it used for: True joy, spiritual aspiration, bliss, re-birth, calm, fulfillment, cosmic consciousness, enlightenment.

Who would benefit: Fear of death and being alone, being uncomfortable in own skin, lacking purpose, faith, hope, trust and meaning.

Why is it favoured: Lavender oil offers healing qualities and calming, soothing properties. Zephorium Amethyst Crystal stimulate your connection with the universe. It is a protective stone.

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