Test Kit Testing – London – May 2019

Test Kit Testing – London – May 2019



Test Kit Testing for Kinesiologists, Homeopaths and Bio Resonance CAM Practitioners.

Venue: St Giles International, Southampton Row, WC1B 5JX.
Date: May 9th 2019
Tutor: Patricia Raven, PHSH (Hom), ASK Dip. Kinesiology.

Time: 11am-5pm.

Price:  €56.

This workshop, for Test Kit users, demonstrates the versatility of your Practitioner kit and discusses the professional relevance of your tools. It can help evaluate sub-health conditions, re-establish internal environments and address cellular imbalances.

Ideal for anyone wishing to boost their confidence and develop an efficient and successful protocol. Pre-requisite: Introduction to Toxicology, TFH, Kinesiology skills, Resonance Testing