Resonance Testing – Hertfordshire – May 2019

Resonance Testing – Hertfordshire – May 2019



Test Kit Testing for CAM Providers

Venue: Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living, SG6 3NA.
Date: May 22nd 2019
Tutor: Patricia Raven, PHSH (Hom), ASK Dip. Kinesiology.

Time: 11am-5pm.

Price:  €56.

This new workshop, for Test Kit users, demonstrates the versatility of your kit and discusses the professional relevance of your tools. According to the World Health Organisation, the high level of chronic diseases is fuelling major public health concerns. This workshop will help evaluate sub-health conditions, re-establish internal environments and address cellular imbalances.

Ideal for anyone wishing to boost their confidence and develop an efficient and successful protocol. Pre-requisite: Introduction to Toxicology, TFH, Kinesiology skills, Resonance Testing