PSYCH K 3-day Workshop – Dublin, October 2019

PSYCH K 3-day Workshop – Dublin, October 2019



Dates: 25th – 27th October 2019
Venue: Clayton Hotel Dublin Airport
Time: 9.30am – 6.00pm
Sharon Lock –

Taught over three days, the 25th–27th October 2019 in the Clayton Hotel Swords, this PSYCH-K
Workshop will look at the differences between the super conscious, conscious and subconscious minds. Instructor Sharon Lock will also examine the basic theory of split-brain research – the differences between
the left and right brain hemispheres, and why both are important when changing beliefs.
Many change processes and self-help methods fail or produce limited or temporary results because they
communicate only with the conscious mind; relying heavily on insights, reason, will power, positive thinking
and motivation. Neuroscientists tell us that it’s not enough to rely on good intentions and will power to
make lasting changes in our lives. We must do something different by learning how to change our subconscious beliefs.
In a 2005 article, “How your Unconscious Really Shapes your Decisions”, cognitive neuroscientists revealed
that most of our decisions, actions, emotions and behaviour depends on 95% of brain activity that goes beyond our conscious awareness. This suggests most of our lives are driven by beliefs we don’t even know
we have – beliefs that are the result of lifelong programming that can sometimes be sabotaging and self-defeating. It is important to work from a whole brain state, allowing for optimal personal and professional
development. PSYCH-K is a safe and effective way to access and change the subconscious mind. Once
changes have been made at the subconscious level of the mind, repeating and sabotaging patterns can be

During this 3-day PSYCH-K Workshop you will learn:
• How PSYCH-K works
• Muscle Testing
• Two Balances (change processes)
• Goal Clarification process
• How to create new supportive beliefs
• Self-muscle testing

At the end, you will receive a certificate, allowing you to work with clients as a PSYCH-K Facilitator.
You will also be able to change your own beliefs and help friends and family change theirs too. For more
information, please contact Sharon Lock directly –

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Sharon has also created a video to give participants a feel for what it’s like to attend a workshop