Homoeotherapy – London – November 2019

Homoeotherapy – London – November 2019



Homoeotherapy 1: Introduction to Toxicology

Venue: St Giles International, Southampton Row, WC1B 5JX.
Date: November 29th 2019
Tutor: Sally Ann Hutcheson, MARH, ND, Cert ASK, MBANT, CNHC, CSTA.
Time: 11am – 5pm.

Price:  €68.

Toxicology considers the adverse effects of chemical, physical and biological agents that can contribute to modern health decline and the onset of chronic illnesses. Homoeotherapy, utilising homoeopathic principles, can be used for a wide variety of recurring health conditions.
A detailed presentation will discuss New Vistas’ natural remedies and how they can be used by CAM Providers to promote good health and vitality. Our holistic approach shows how a thorough and practical application of complex homoeopathy can help:

  • promote balance and restore wellness
  • support drainage of toxins
  • strengthen weakened organs & systems
  • what lies behind the manifestation of symptoms