Immiflex Kids 30 Capsules

Immiflex Kids 30 Capsules



In line with current recommendations, ImmiFlex offers a specially formulated kids supplement for toddlers and those under the age of 12. Boosting white blood cells, an integral part of the immune system, helps kids be well and stay well.

Childrens’ immune systems are more immature than adults. Healthy and mature immune systems are developed over time, but when schools and playgrounds are awash with germs, it sometimes pays to be prepared.

VitaminD can help support immune systems, contributing to normal functioning. By facilitating optimal nutrients, ImmiFlex can help defend against infection and illnesses, while not over-stimulating the immune system.

For young children, it is advised to break the capsule and pour the contents over food or mix well into a beverage of choice.

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Weight 40 g

30 Capsules