BioDOTs Starter Packs

BioDOTs Starter Packs


BioDOT Starter Packs help maintain the energetic integrity of surrounding environments.  EnergyDOT products are simple to use, effective and affordable and are fast becoming the practitioners choice in EMF protection. Each Starter Pack contains a free SmartDOT.



We are constantly enveloped by electromagnetic pollution, through mobiles, cordless phones, baby monitors, phone masts, television screens, game consoles, air travel and even department stores. EMS or electromagnetic stress is considered another pollutant that we must now contend with in our toxic environment. Prolonged exposure may be detrimental to health and well-being, which is why we are pleased to present BioDOT Starter Packs which combine cutting-edge physics with ancient wisdom to provide a positive impact on health and harmony.

Each BioDOT is programmed with resonant Phi Technology® which uses natural frequencies to harmonise your personal energy field. It can be worn day or night and is suitable for adults, children, pets and even plants. Users of BioDOTS have reported better energy levels, improved quality of sleep, tension relief, improved concentration and less headaches.

They are available as two easy-to-wear options: BioBANDS and BioTAGS. Each is accompanied by a free SmartDOT which works to harmonise or retune the dangerous emissions from mobile phones, wifi or any other cordless device. Each DOT is guaranteed to last 2 years.

BioBANDS can be worn on wrists like a bracelet. BioTAGS are similar to pendants.

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Weight 81 g