Zephorium Soul Tonics

Zephorium Soul Tonics are a new range of chakra pick-me-ups specially formulated to help encourage awareness of self and positive reflections. Created by Sarah Cox, energy therapist, these delightful little tonics combine aromatherapy, affirmations, colour therapy and crystals. The combination of these healing forms work to restore balance throughout the body’s chakra system and alleviate physical, emotional and spiritual concerns.

How to Choose

Soul tonics can be chosen for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you are sub-consciously drawn to a certain product for a reason unbeknownst or you are specifically looking for a remedy to elevate a certain chakra energy. Colours have long been used as a form of healing and can have a profound effect on the mind. Crystals resonate with chakras and certain body parts. The energy of the crystals is harnessed in a homoeopathic mixture and then utilised in the soul tonic formulation. Aromatherapy oils awaken the sense of smell and can connect to emotions to enhance emotion well-being. Affirmations help keep the intention of the remedy focused, especially if you are looking to strengthen particular areas of your life.
If you are suffering from a selective health issue or emotional blockage, an individual chakra may reflect the area which requires balancing the most.