Homoeopathic Liquescences – Nutrient & Organ Support

The combining of homoeopathic science with nutritional balancing techniques produces potentised micro-nutrients. Schuessler developed the concept of the Cell Salts in potentised form, as a means of nourishment, care and prevention.

The Systems and Mineral Liquescence range focuses on the practical utilisation of homoeopathy for nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. The naturopathic community has long recognised homoeopathy as one of the strongest forces in healing as well being gentle and safe.

Liquescences combine two powerful modalities, homoeopathy and nutrition, to maximise the client’s response and help prevent further complications and/or the onset of ill health. In addition to their function to restore health to stressed organs, liquescences are ideal tonics for use on an on-going basis so as to maintain optimum health and vitality.