Homeopathic Allersodes

There has been a definitive rise in reported cases of sensitivities and allergies. The need for an effective and safe method of relief has resulted in New Vistas developing a special desensitising programme consisting of a range of allersodes, including inhalant and food allersodes. Allersodes are homocord remedies which contain a range of potencies of the offending allergen.

In helping allergies we can use small amounts of allergy-causing material to help reverse the antibody cascade and other allergic factors within the body. This type of desensitisation can be used with oral antigens.

When the immune system is compromised, microscopic doses of an allergen will build up specific cell responses and the system can then be induced to trigger its own antibodies and block further adverse reactions. The response will gradually neutralise the allergic reaction and active immunity will then be obtained.