Natural Beauty Products

Argital Clay Cosmetics

Argital is a leading provider of clay-based natural cosmetics. Green clay, a component of the earth’s surface, is used carefully alongside other specially selected natural ingredients. The unique properties of clay make it ideal as a body modelling agent and as a natural anti-aging product.
Argital considers the harmony of the body, soul and spirit and in turn each product considers this. The clay is rich in minerals, oligoelements and life-giving forces. This luxurious product range is certified by BDIH, Demeter, ICEA, LAV and Vegan OK, among which certifies them natural products and recognises their high quality and ethical values.

Love System – Australian Bush Flower Essences

Bespoke organic skin and bodycare infused with unique native Australian extracts and Bush flower essences. These anti-aging skincare formulations use only the most exquisite and sustainable bioactive ingredients, retaining delicate ‘life force’ qualities of the plants.