Popup Instructions

To add a popup:

1. Click “Add New Popup”
2. Set a title (for reference only)
3. Add content
4. Set active by clicking the “Popup Status” checkbox on the right
5. Click Publish / Update


– The popup feature is only functional on the home page and only the latest “active” popup is displayed.

– Popups can be saved for future use by removing the active status and clicking Update.

– To turn off the popup feature entirely, simply ensure that there are no popups set with an active status.

– Please do not delete this instruction page as it may be a useful future reference – but do not activate it!

Further Notes:

The CSS is located in the Additional CSS area of the Dashboard (Appearance – Customise).
The dimensions, background colour, and other design features can be be edited there.
However, please note that CSS alterations may effect the performance and mobile responsiveness of the feature.

PHP/HTML/JavaScript code has been added to the footer.php file where it is clearly commented.

This lightweight popup feature was developed by Inspiration Marketing, July 2019.