COVID-19 and Obesity

A Review paper, as published in the Journal ‘Frontiers in Nutrition’ supports the clinical potential of supplemental nutrients as adjuncts of therapy in high-risk COVID-19 for obese patients in particular. The incidence rate and comorbidity of COVID-19 rises in the obese patient. This article suggests that micronutrients may boost host immunity against viral infections including COVID-19.

A deficiency of micronutrients due to malnutrition has the potential to increase the severity of viral infection. Adequate nutrition is important for the appropriate functioning of the immune system. Obese COVID-19 patients are more susceptible to inflammation, lung diseases and insulin resistance than lean patients. Some studies investigated in this review paper suggest that specific nutrients (vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, B vitamins, fatty acids, zinc, zelenium, magnesium) might exhibit protective effects against COVID-19 infection.

Reference: Emre Sahin, CEMAL ORHAN, Mehmet Uckun, Kazim Sahin , Clinical Impact Potential of Supplemental Nutrients as Adjuncts of Therapy in High-Risk COVID-19 for Obese Patients, Frontiers in Nutrition, Oct 2020.

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