Numerology & Australian Bush Flower Essences Workshop – Ian White

Numerology & Australian Bush Flower Essences

Date: Saturday & Sunday May 9th & 10th 2020
Venue: Maldron Hotel, Roxboro, Limerick
Price: €300 Early Bird, if booked and paid in full before March 20th. Bookings thereafter €360.

Learn how to quickly & easily understand your partner, friends, family and clients
Numerology considers the mystical properties of numbers and offers insightful understanding of an individual’s personality & abilities. As a useful tool, it can assist with life choices, careers, relationships and achieving their higher purpose. Ian White will teach participants about Personal Year Cycles, Ruling Numbers & how best maximise Bush essences within the information obtained for friends and clients. Learning out-comes:

• The inherent quality of each number
• Personal Year Cycles – 9 Year Cycles of Change
• Ruling Numbers – Life’s Primary Pathway
• Day Numbers – The Other Side of You
• The Arrows – Added Strengths
• Chart Compatibility and Comparison
• Recognising major strengths and weaknesses inherent in the chart
• Selecting specific Bush Essences for all aspects of a chart

No prerequisites for this workshop.
Please note: Depending on the number of participant questions and the flow of each workshop, as well as time constraints, all topics may not be covered.
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