Mr Mark Cullen – In Loving Memory

It is with deep sadness and profound respect that we share with you the unexpected passing of our beloved friend, colleague and Managing Director, Mark Cullen.

Mark worked passionately and diligently alongside us for almost 10 years. The last 2½ years he dedicated himself to his role as Managing Director. Under his leadership, we strengthened our role internationally as a key stakeholder throughout the natural medicine’s community. He was pivotal in arranging this year’s ECHAMP conference in Dublin. Ever the proud local man, he epitomised Irish hospitality, marketing both Dublin and Ireland to their fullest potential. With keen observational and astute senses, he sourced the best of local services and made sure there was plenty of traditional amusements available, enhancing the entire weekend for everyone who had flown in especially for the occasion. Mark had participated fully in recent CEO workshops in Spain and France also. His valued contributions were acknowledged by his peers throughout both these events and the annual conference. He had also spent valuable time within our UK and Italian markets, securing our goals for the next number of years. He had such a delightful way of making people feel secure and comfortable. No doubt it was his special manner that had mass-appeal, whether working with staff, Practitioners, Consultants or the countless members of the CAM community in between.  He was welcomed with open arms and served as a brilliant brand ambassador for New Vistas.

Mark’s attention-to-detail was clearly honed from his previously esteemed retail career. He had carved a serious name for himself within this sector, having served Dunnes Stores, Brown Thomas and helping lay the foundations for Lidl when they first came to Ireland. His meticulous manner was evident in evolving our own working environment as well. He was a man who saw an opportunity to make things brighter and more beautiful. That ranged from doubling our floor space in Limerick, improving team communication networks and optimising marketing and training materials. Everything he turned his hand to was better for his input. He was a generous man, sharing his wisdom, experiences and skills. In recent days, we have been overwhelmed with shared stories of his kindness and how his help and consideration have touched so many lives; quietly working behind the scenes to make life easier or nicer for those who needed a helping hand.

He was a man with a vision to develop the natural healthcare sector. Not just because of the current illness epidemic, but because it is truly a vocation. Mark’s compassion and kindness made him the perfect advocate for such a noble cause. He acknowledged the amount of practical assistance and reassurance the sector needed and he was actively contributing to improving this over-all environment. Mark enabled many positive changes throughout his time; giving due attention to research, education and planning for a more integrated and secure platform for natural therapies.

Mark lit up the space he held here on Earth. We will be forever blessed to have known his gentle nature and generous spirit. It is his wonderful laugh and beautiful smile we will miss in Limerick. Mark fulfilled his earthly duties here with enthusiasm and joy. We pray now for the peaceful release of his soul. May he rest with as much happiness as he brought to all of us.