Matters of the Heart

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Many of us know that the brain sends information and issues commands to the heart and body in the form of neural signals but did you know that the heart possesses a heart-brain connection composed of about 40,000 neurons that can feel, sense, remember and learn? According to Harvard Medical School, chemical “conversations” between the heart and brain affect both organs. Research has found that negative emotions throw both heart rhythms and brainwave patterns out of sync. On the other hand, when a person experiences positive emotion, heart rhythms & brainwave patterns are harmonious and coherent. When we experience sincere and positive feelings such as love or appreciation, the heart processes these emotions & feel-good information is sent throughout the entire body. A great way to help boost and enhance positive emotion is with the Zephorium Aura Sprays. They combine colour therapy, aromatherapy, crystals and positive affirmations in beautiful chakra tonics. There are two sprays designed specifically for the Heart Chakra; Love & Surrender and Balance & Protection . The Love & Surrender Aura Spray is a powerful combination of pure Rose Oil and Rose Quartz Crystal properties. Rose oil helps to open the heart chakra to loving self and others. Its nurturing fragrance is said to help relieve grief and sadness and focuses on healing. The Balance & Protection Aura Spray is another powerful formulation, combining Jasmine Oil and Emerald Crystal vibrations. Jasmine is an uplifting and inspiring fragrance. The tonic protects heart vitality, encouraging areas of balance or finding middle-ground. Both Aura Sprays promote and support a healthy heart-brain connection.

Other remedies known for their effect on positive emotions and heart energy are the Australian Bush Flower Essences. The Relationship Essence is a combination essence that can help enhance the quality of relationships. When used regularly, these drops can help break early negative family conditioning or patterns which can hinder adult relationships. Combine with Sexuality Essence to improve intimacy this Valentine’s.