Kinesiology-Touch for Health – Dublin – Spring 2015

Touch for Health Kinesiology  is a system of healing that uses manual bio-feedback to determine what weaknesses or stressors affect the body. It does not treat or diagnose symptoms but acknowledges communication from the body which can help maintain, enhance and improve well-being.

Blending certain body muscles and traditional energy pathway philosophies, Touch for Health uses manual muscle monitoring to evaluate the balance and harmony of the meridians (energy pathways). Such techniques can help improve posture, reduce physical and emotional discomfort and increase well-being.

Touch for Health uses muscle testing to access the body’s response to stimuli – this could be a thought, food, trauma or injury. A balance helps alleviate the reaction to such stressors. This is achieved through a combination of acupressure, touch and dialogue.

The next TFH course will commence in February. To learn Touch for Health Kinesiology, and how it can be applied to everyday home life, contact Anja Ottenheim ( or read more on her website