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Antibiotic Resistance – Threat to public health

There is a current growing awareness of the public health threat owing to antibiotic resistance. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is a United Nations agency.   They advocate for international public health and monitors and assesses health trends. WHO have said the problem is ‘rising to dangerously high levels in all parts of the world.’

Antiobiotic resistance happens when bacteria changes or responds differently to prescribed medication. This makes infections harder to treat and antibiotics less effective. Over-use or misuse of antibiotics can give rise to this problem. To help combat this global threat, national health plans are aiming to reduce the use of antiobitics, prevent patients from contracting infections and reduce the number of drug-resistant infections.

WHO’s Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023 has indicated it would like to strengthen the role of Traditional, Complementary & Alternative Medicines (TCAM) and look for solutions for improved healthcare. Promoting self-care, people-centred care and safe, effective use of TCAM may help contribute to lowering risk factors and the perceived threat. It is worth considering the anti-pathogenic abilities of natural options and supportive immune supplements to aid therapeutic activity.

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Vibracell a multi vitamin

Antioxidants; Benefits to Wellness

In conjunction with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), there is an insightful and well-documented account of antioxidants, free radicals and how they impact everyday health and our wellness. Antioxidants are natural molecules which support the health and integity of optimal cellular functions. They can be found in fresh fruits and vegetables. If the body is exposed to free radicals – unstable molecules, which may be from sources of toxicity or environmental pollution, this may lead to oxidative stress, which can impede optimal cell health. Oxidative stress may contibute to impaired health, such as cardiovascular disease, cognitive concerns and age-related macular degeneration.

The article, found in the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), clearly explains what antioxidants and free radicals are, discusses the defense actions of well-known super-nutrients like glutathione and vitamin C, and how how antioxidants can help support preventative medicine or enhance physiological functions. It is an interesting read for those looking to learn more about functional foods, medicinal plants and natural, non-toxic antioxidants. The centre provides access to health and science-related papers to help further the understanding of fundamental molecular and genetic processes influencing health and disease.

Reference: Lobo V, Patil A, Phatak A, Chandra N. Free radicals, antioxidants and functional foods: Impact on human health. Pharmacogn Rev. 2010;4(8):118-26.

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VAT on Food Supplements

The Revenue have announced plans to start charging VAT (23%) on all food supplements as of March 1st 2019. This is concerning news for all health enthusiasts and for people who rely on the support and actions of health supplements.

Our Government launched Healthy Ireland in 2013. This approved, national framework called for action to improve the health and well-being of our population. The initiative outlined four goals;

  • Increase the proportion of people who are healthy at all stages of life,
  • Reduce health inequalities,
  • Protect the public from threats to health & well-being,
  • Create an environment where every individual and sector of society can play their part in achieving a healthy Ireland.

The Department of Health acknowledged that Ireland’s health profile is changing. A healthy population is both an asset and a national priority. The Revenue’s plans appear on face value to completely challenge these goals. Some people rely on nutritional support to manage pain, improve flexibility or to enhance immunity during stressful or challenging periods. This price increase completely threatens the reduction of health inequalities.

VAT is predominantly charged on luxury items. However, this new tax questions the Government’s priorities and how it distinguishes staying healthy or maintaining a level of wellness with that of a superficial or low necessity commodity.

What can you do:

Write to your local TD, senator or councillor. Object vocally to the price increase. Health is not a luxury item. Have your voice heard and take back freedom of choice when it comes you own well-being.

Weight Loss – Benefits of Chromium & Green Tea

A recent study, as published in the December edition of Nutrients, supports the use of dietary chromium and green tea supplementation. Obesity is an increasing health concern and there are urgents calls to re-class it as a disease. Healthy weight loss is best achieved under the guidance of a CAM Practitioner, where a person’s individualised needs can be monitored and met.

Bio-available chromium can help regulate blood sugars and protect lean body mass. Green tea is an excellent anti-oxidant.  Vitachrome Active, a popular holistic supplement, has been used to help the body deal with stress, as part of a weight loss program and is often used to improve stamina and athletic performances. Ideally, a CAM Provider can evaluate people’s health requirements and create a helpful strategy to achieve wellness goals.  The article discusses the benefit of supplementaion and how to protect lean body mass during weight loss.

Reference: Willoughby, D.; Hewlings, S.; Kalman, D. Body Composition Changes in Weight Loss: Strategies and Supplementation for Maintaining Lean Body Mass, a Brief Review. Nutrients 2018, 10, 1876.

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Homeopathy – ECHAMP reports growth in France & Italy

Recent surveys, as reported by ECHAMP, the European Coalition on Homeopathy & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products, show that homeopathy continues to grow in France and Italy. We are happy to add that growth in Ireland continues. Homeopathy is commonly used for a wide range of issues including emotional and physical health and the maintenance of good health.

Support for homeopathy will keep emerging as its use in both acute and chronic complaints offers relief and results to end-users. Increasing use stems from growing confidence among doctors, therapists and pharmacies. Websites like the Homeopathy Research Institute  offer informative resources for readers looking for additional research.

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2018; A Year in Review

This time of year is a wonderful opportunity to reflect and show gratitude for the 12 months gone by. Thanks to all our lovely customers for their continued support throughout the year and for your engagement and feedback.

The New Vistas Teaching Academy facilitated various training and seminars throughout 2018. Company philosophy and practice encourages on-going employee and CAM Provider training, personal growth and development. Thank you to all who attended our events this year. We hosted 9 Test Kit Testing workshops throughout Ireland and the UK as well as 7 Homotoxicology workshops. Our sincere gratitude is expressed as always to our tutors Elaine Geary, Yvonne McLaughlin, Sally Ann Hutcheson, Patricia Raven, Anja Ottenheim and Dr Heli Goode for their continued dedication and sharing of knowledge to the wider CAM community. Their active participation throughout the Academy is always greatly enjoyed by attendees. We will be circulating our 2019 Training Plan in the New Year.

This year also welcomed the return of Ian White to our shores. In May, Ian guided participants through three ever-evolving Australian Bush Flower Essences workshops in Malahide Castle; Women’s Health, Mental & Emotional Well-Being and Ian’s own Masterclass. Each day was anchored with a strong sense of empowerment and we look forward to future collaborations with ABFE and IIHF.


Martin Murray with Charles Tankard Hahnemann, descendant of Samuel Hahnemann, founder of Homeopathy, at New Horizons, London. July 2018

Agnes McGuinness, renowned Irish Naturopath, also released her first book in the Spring. It documents fresh and new ideas for encouraging good health and vitality. Agnes talks about how she came to be one of Ireland’s most in-demand and respected CAM Practitioners. She discusses the history of integrative therapies and shares some of her favourite home remedies. “Healing: 45 Year Journey” is also available in local health stores and through Amazon.

In July, we participated in the historic New Horizons in Water Science – Evidence for Homeopathy event in London. Lord Ken Ward-Atherton brought together some of the world’s most respected scientists, all in the name of homeopathy and promoting the scientific integration of vibrational medicine and mainstream healthcare.

This year, we introduced Nicotinex and Phosphatex to our Xenobiotic range. Nicotinex helps clear negative taints surrounding the ill-effects of smoking or nicotine toxicity. Phosphatex is used to help lesson agricultural toxicity. With a rise in reports of Multiple Chemical Toxicity (MCT) this year and antibiotic resistance, Xenobiotics become more and more relevant.

May 2019 bring forth great health and blessings to you all. Seasons Greetings.

Angela Burr-Madsen; In loving memory

There are indeed special people in our lives who never leave us, even after they are gone. As we approach our first Christams without our dear friend and mentor, Angela, we pause to remember the wonderful memories and legacy she left behind.

Rosaleen Kelly, a close colleague and friend of Angela’s put together a lovely tribute to her after her passing in January, which we share with you here.

We keep Angela’s family in our thoughts and prayers at this time of year, and are forever grateful for the energy, enthusiasm and passion she brought to kinesiology and CAM therapies.

Children’s Health; Glyphosate Generation

In her recent article, as featured in September’s issue of Irish Pharmacy News, Dr Heli Goode considers the impact environmental toxicity is having on a child’s health and development. She discusses endocrine disruptors, the implications of glyphosate and DDT and how exposure may be inhibiting healthy responses.  Read here.

Breast Cancer – N-Acetylcysteine

Dr. Daniel Monti of the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA published an article entitled ‘Pilot study demonstrating metabolic and anti-proliferative effects of in vivo anti-oxidant supplementation with N-Acetylcysteine in Breast Cancer’ in the Journal Seminars in Oncology.

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Stop VAT on Health Food Supplements

This tax was announced in the Irish Budget in October 2018 but Revenue now plan to add 23% VAT to Health Supplements in January 2019

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World Diabetes Day

Today is World Diabetes Day!

The aim of this day is to raise awareness of a prevalent condition that affects millions of people worldwide. The day gives the CAM community the opportunity to highlight what can be done to maintain good control of Type I diabetes and to help reduce and avoid long term complications. Most importantly World Diabetes Day focuses attention on the prevention of Type II diabetes. There have been huge advances in this area over recent years but it is extremely important that research and development continues to ensure prevention of the condition for future generations.

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Mitochondria – Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr. Paula I. Moreira from the Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, Institute of Physiology – Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal published a review article entitled ‘Mitochondrial dysfunction is a trigger of Alzheimer’s disease pathophysiology’ in the Journal BBA- Molecular Basis of Disease.

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