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Glutathione – Autism

Recent studies have shown that children with autism spectrum disorder have significantly lower levels of glutathione than typically developing children. A study published in the Journal ‘Medical Science Monitor’ examines the use of glutathione supplement and their efficacy in increasing blood glutathione levels in those with the disorder.

New Vistas Glutathione 60 caps is a popular holistic supplement, helping to protect mitochondrial health. It benefits cognitive health by preventing oxidative stress, toxicity, inflammation and malnutrition. Ideally, a CAM Provider can evaluate people’s health requirements and create a helpful strategy to achieve wellness goals.

The results suggest that oral and transdermal glutathione supplementation may have some benefit for those with autism spectrum disorder.

Reference: Janet K. Kern, ‘A clinical trial of glutathione supplementation in autism spectrum disorders’, 2011

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Himalayan Pink Salt

As far back as 6050 B.C., salt has been an important and integral part of the world’s history as it has been interwoven into countless civilizations. Even today, the history of salt touches our daily lives. The word “salary” was derived from the word “salt” as in ancient times, salt was highly valued, and its production was legally restricted, so it was historically used as a method of trade and currency.
Salt or sodium chloride is an essential element in the diet of not only humans but of animals, and even of many plants. The human body needs sodium for respiration and digestion and without it, we would be unable to transport oxygen or nutrients, transmit nerve impulses or move muscles. The human body regulates how much sodium it contains – if levels are too high, we get thirsty and drink, and the kidneys speed up the process of getting rid of it. Too much sodium has been linked to kidney stones, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease while too little sodium can lead to hyponatremia and symptoms of dizziness, confusion, muscle twitches and seizures.
When humans ate primarily wild game, we ingested enough salt to meet our dietary needs; however, as our diet changed to mostly cultivated crops, we needed to supplement salt. Salt has long been used for flavouring and for preserving food. It is undoubtedly a vital element to the preparing and cooking of food but there are many other uses for salt. Salt is also used in tanning, dyeing and bleaching, and in the production of pottery, soap and chlorine. Today, it is widely used in the chemical industry. From organic home-cleaning and stain removal hacks to beauty scrubs and throat gargles, there are so many practical applications for salt.
Himalayan Pink Salt is a salt with many health benefits. It’s pure and natural and contains over 80 trace minerals that the body needs. Found near the Himalayan foothills in a region of Pakistan, pink Himalayan salt gets its characteristic rosy hue from a wide range of trace minerals including iron, manganese, magnesium and potassium.
Because Himalayan Pink Salt is so mineral rich, soaking in a solution of salt and water helps to instil the skin and body with minerals. The Himalayan Bath Salt Crystals help to relax and unwind, while absorbing all the valuable minerals. Those who suffer with arthritis, sore muscles, stiff joints or a variety of other aches and pains will benefit from a Himalayan saltwater bath.
Himalayan Salt Lamps are large pieces of pure Himalayan salt with a small bulb inside and there are many benefits to having one. Salt is hygroscopic, so the lamps attract water molecules from the air; this means that the lamps trap dirt, pollen and smoke particles which are carried in water vapor. Once these airborne contaminants have been locked in the salt, clean water is released and thus it has a purifying effect on the air.
Salt lamps are natural negative ion generators. Negative ions occur often in nature and are created by things like sunlight, ocean waves, waterfalls and lightening storms. We are embedded in a vast sea of electromagnetic (EM) radiation emitted by our electronics. Nobody knows what the long-term effects of EM exposure will be but what is known is that constant EM exposure can cause chronic fatigue, increases stress levels and decreases the body’s immune response.
Negative ions generated from a salt lamp can neutralise positive ions as they bond together and help cleanse the air. Additionally, salt lamps offer a soothing glow that many people find relaxing.

International Stress Awareness Week – 2019

International Stress Awareness Week takes place in the first week of November. The Week was created to raise awareness about stress prevention and the importance for individuals and organisations in order to ensure that those who are suffering from stress know where to go to seek advice.

The Week also provides an opportunity for CAM Providers to showcase their skills, engage in dialogue with businesses and individuals in their local area as well as delivering workshops and presentations.

A study published in the Journal ‘Future Science OA’, addresses the effects of stress on health.

Reference: Agnese Mariotti ‘The effects of chronic stress on health: new insights into the molecular mechanisms of brain–body communication’, Future Science OA, 2015.

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Boost your Winter Immunity

Whole Health Immune Complex is a reliable way to help enhance and strengthen your immune system’s natural responses. Taken daily, this colloidal mineral food supplement is easily absorbed providing important cellular nutrition that provides energy, stamina and strengthened defences against seasonal pathogens. A primed immune system also stands stronger against environmental toxins and other offending agents which can leave people feeling jaded and uninterested. Digestive ailments, blood disorders, recurrent infections and chronic inflammation are markers of impaired immunity. If left unaddressed, such symptoms can become harder to clear or take longer to return the body to its state of balance.

Stress is another factor which lowers the body’s vitality and reduces optimal functioning of the immune system. Whole Health Immune Complex also provides Vitamin D and a pharmaceutical-grade Beta-Glucan, supporting anti-inflammation properties and nourishing natural immunity. The formulation has been tested in clinic settings, with both preventative and therapeutic objectives key to its emergence.

Shield your family this Winter and notice the benefits of colloidal nutrition.

Red Yeast Rice Complex – Cholesterol

A placebo-controlled, randomized study of a nutritional supplement containing red yeast rice in subjects with newly diagnosed dyslipidemia, published in the Journal of Nutrition supports supplementation to reduce LDL cholesterol.

New Vistas Red Yeast Rice Complex contains Monacolin K, L-Glycine and Chromium Picolinate. This natural blend with active ingredients akin to pharmaceutical medication is intended to support heart health and help address symptoms such as high cholesterol in a manner more gently suited to the body’s environment. Ideally, a CAM Provider can evaluate a person’s health requirements and create an individualised strategy to achieve wellness goals.

Reference: Ravi R. Kasliwal M.D. ESSENS dyslipidemia: A placebo-controlled, randomized study of a nutritional supplement containing red yeast rice in subjects with newly diagnosed dyslipidemia, Journal of Nutrition, 2016

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Oxidative Stress – Health Supplements

Considerable scientific evidence implicates oxidative stress in the pathophysiology and many health complications of the human body. The book ‘Biochemical Ecotoxicology’ by François Gagné, Chapter 6 addresses this topic. Oxidative damage arises when the production of reactive oxygen species overwhelms the innate antioxidant defences. At high levels reactive oxygen species can cause damage to biological molecules, leading to loss of function and even cell death. Antioxidant health supplements may play an important role in maintaining cell homeostasis. A suitable CAM Practitioner can provide excellent guidance on the use of health supplements so that individual needs can me met and monitored.

Glutathione, Vitamin C, Noni Juice, Turmeric Juice are all powerful antioxidant health supplements used to help the body deal with oxidative stress. Ideally a CAM Provider can evaluate people’s health requirements and create a helpful strategy to achieve wellness goals.

Biochemical Ecotoxicology, Principles and Methods, 2014, Pages 103-115, François Gagné

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World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day takes place on October 10th. Its global observation is to help educate, promote awareness and reduce the social stigma attached to psychological, emotional or behavioural imbalances. A person’s relationship with their external environment is not the only causal factor. Holistic mental health considers the whole person; nutrition, hormones, microbiome, traumas, toxicity, their day to day relationships and network. WMHD wants to create a consorted effort to help improve mental wellness and encourage a better approach to psychological balance.

This years theme is suicide prevention. Almost 800,000 people die by suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds. Due to several complex factors, suicidal behaviour has increased gradually in all parts of the world, reaching alarming statistical levels. The World Health Organisation are encouraging people to take ’40 seconds of action’ on October 10th and help improve awareness of the significance of suicide as a global public health problem. The object of this year’s theme is to attract the attention of governments so that the issue might be given priority in public health agendas around the world. Getting people to talk about a subject that tends to be taboo and about which many hold mistaken and prejuidiced ideas will help the community learn about the risk factors and how to offer support.

Organisations like Pieta House provide an excellent service for anyone in need. They offer a free, therapeutic approach to people who are in suicidal distress and those who engage in self-harm. They also operate Suicide Bereavement Counselling centres, providing free counselling, therapy and support to individuals, couples, families and children who have been bereaved by suicide.

Ellen Kramer Seminar – October 2019

We are excited to announce that Ellen Kramer is hosting a seminar on 26/27th October 2019 in the Charlemont Hilton in Dublin.

It promises to be a stimulating and lively seminar and is really great value at €135 for the 2 days – this is a special offer at the ISH members rate (usual price to non-members €188)

If you wish to book the seminar please click here

Vitality Expo 2019

Come visit New Vistas Healthcare at stand C3 at this year’s Vitality Expo. – RDS Main Arena, Dublin – September 28th & 29th

Vitality Expo 2019

Enjoy a fun-filled day out at Ireland’s largest festival of natural health and wellbeing. An array of speakers will provide expert advice on fitness, food, wellness, natural health and sustainability.

World Heart Day 2019

The World Heart Federation organises World Heart Day, an international campaign held on the 29th September to inform people about cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease and stroke, which are the world’s leading cause of death claiming 17.9 million lives each year. The day promotes preventative measures to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. World Heart Day is a global campaign during which individuals, families, communities, and governments around the world participate in activities to take charge of their heart health. Through this campaign, the World Heart Federation unites people from all countries and backgrounds and inspires and drives international action to encourage heart-healthy living across the world.
The heart has played an important role in understanding the body since antiquity. In the fourth century B.C., the Greek philosopher Aristotle identified the heart as the most important organ in the body. The heart was considered to be the seat of intelligence, motion and sensation. Aristotle described it as the centre of vitality in the body.
In the modern world we tend to view the brain as the source of our intelligence, thoughts and creativity. The new discipline of neurocardiology explores how the heart and brain interact. It shows that the heart is a sensory organ which receives and decodes information. The heart sends signals to the brain affecting brain functions such as perception, memory and problem solving. The research shows that when we feel negative emotions such as fear or anger, the rhythm of the heart becomes unstable sending signals to the brain to curb higher cognitive functions. Therefore, we make poorer decisions when we are stressed or afraid.
According to Hindu Yogic, Shakta and Buddhist Tantric traditions, the Anahata or the Heart Chakra is the fourth primary chakra. In Sanskrit, anahata is the spiritual place where past experiences and grievances can no longer harm us. Located in the centre of the chest, the heart chakra corresponds to the heart, lungs, thymus gland and cardiac plexus. The heart chakra is associated with the colour green and the element air. This chakra is responsible for regulating the energy associated with self-acceptance, self-love, compassion, openness and unconditional love of others.
A number of holistic remedies can be used to heal the heart chakra and bring the body, mind and spirit into alignment. Such remedies often involve homeopathy, aromatherapy, sound healing, colour therapy, meditation and crystal healing.
Zephorium Soul Tonics are a range of chakra pick-me-ups formulated to help encourage self-awareness and positive reflections. These tonics combine colour therapy, aromatherapy, homeopathy, crystals and affirmations. The beautiful colours of the glass bottles are linked to the body’s chakra system. High quality oils, aromatherapy, powerful affirmations and potentised crystals are added to the vibrational mix, culminating in a wonderful blend.
The Zephorium Love & Surrender Aura Spray is a powerful combination of pure Rose Oil and homeopathic Rose Quartz Crystal. Rose oil helps to open the heart chakra to loving the self and others. Rose Quartz rebalances the heart and helps us to find calm, peace and joy.
The Balance & Protection Aura Spray is another powerful combination of Jasmine Oil and homeopathic Emerald Crystal. This unique blend is aligned to the green aspect of the heart chakra, which is the masculine and the ability to both give and receive love. Whilst the Love & Surrender Aura Spray is focused on healing the heart chakra, the Balance & Protection Aura Spray is focused on balance and finding the middle ground.
The Zephorium Aura Sprays come in 50ml bottles and retail at €17.65 Each bottle has been hand blended with great love and positive intention. All products are also Vegan friendly and GM Free.

‘The Wonder of Stillness’ – Meditation for Children

Incorporating meditation for children into school or home routines can provide them with an abundance of positive reinforcements and possibilities. Meditation can also help overcome sleep problems and encourage improved self-esteem. A healthy balanced mind blends left brain activity such as reasoning or logic with right brain activity like creativity, art and intuition.

In her new book, Michelle Sorrell, a homeopath, presents a practical guide for parents and teachers who wish to encourage and guide children to a place of inner stillness. The book is divided into five sections; Calming, Uplifting, Creativity, Confidence and Self-Healing. She provides leading meditations and tips to enhance the child’s learning environment.

The book is suitable for children aged 3-11 although there are some options for infants. In a modern environment where there is a lot pressure early on to succeed academically and with social media and technology at the forefront of kids interests, providing a lifelong skill such as mediation can help balance and anchor children who need reassurance and time to reflect or feel calm.

‘The Wonder of Stillness is available now throughAMAZON

Curcumin/Tumeric – Liver Support

A recent study published in the March Issue of Integrative Medicine Research supports the use of dietary curcumin/turmeric for liver support. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a growing health concern. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of supplementation on liver enzymes in patients with NAFLD.

Curcumin/Turmeric Juice is a popular supplement used to help fight free radicals. Ideally a CAM Provider can evaluate a person’s specific health requirements for and monitor their needs. The article concludes that supplementation might have a favourable effect on NAFLD in higher dosage.

Reference: Fariborz Mansour-Ghanaei et al, Efficacy of curcumin/turmeric on liver enzymes in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials, Integrative Medicine Research Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2019

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