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Vitamin D reduces COVID-19 infection and death rate!

A group of Health Science and Medical experts from the U.K., U.S. and Europe have sent an open letter to world Governments stating that there is clear evidence that Vitamin D reduces Covid-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths. The letter indicates that global patterns and risk factors for the COVID-19 pandemic and Vitamin D deficiency match precisely due to the impact on immune function. This group of scientists are calling for immediate and widespread increased intakes of Vitamin D i.e. 4000 iu per day.

The main organisers Dr. Karl Pfleger (USA) and Dr. Garreth Davies (UK) have published the letter here

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COVID-19 and Obesity

A Review paper, as published in the Journal ‘Frontiers in Nutrition’ supports the clinical potential of supplemental nutrients as adjuncts of therapy in high-risk COVID-19 for obese patients in particular. The incidence rate and comorbidity of COVID-19 rises in the obese patient. This article suggests that micronutrients may boost host immunity against viral infections including COVID-19.

A deficiency of micronutrients due to malnutrition has the potential to increase the severity of viral infection. Adequate nutrition is important for the appropriate functioning of the immune system. Obese COVID-19 patients are more susceptible to inflammation, lung diseases and insulin resistance than lean patients. Some studies investigated in this review paper suggest that specific nutrients (vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, B vitamins, fatty acids, zinc, zelenium, magnesium) might exhibit protective effects against COVID-19 infection.

Reference: Emre Sahin, CEMAL ORHAN, Mehmet Uckun, Kazim Sahin , Clinical Impact Potential of Supplemental Nutrients as Adjuncts of Therapy in High-Risk COVID-19 for Obese Patients, Frontiers in Nutrition, Oct 2020.

To view the full article click here

Natural Medicine; Colloidal Silver

The values of traditional healing and natural medicines have been passed successfully down through the ages. Silver is one such gem, having been used as nature’s antibiotic long before the age of pharmaceutical antibiotics. Silver and its therapeutic use was noted throughout history from the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and within Traditional Chinese Medicine. Hahnemann himself, founder of modern-day homeopathy, furthered the role of silver within well-being and during the 1800s, science supported its value. In 1893, Swiss botanist Karl Wilhelm von Nageli characterized the properties of silver as oligodynamic, meaning active in very small compounds. Even in minute concentrations, colloidal silver was reported to have remarkable germicidal properties. Colloids are capable of passing through membranes, and by producing antimicrobial effects, the use of colloidal silver has expanded throughout integrated medicine.

Colloidal silver is now available as a spray. Absorption begins in the mouth and the synergy of pure ingredients can help offer anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.  It also serves as great purifier for coughs and colds.

Integrative Medicine. Bavaria to launch department.

Klaus Holetschek, State Secretary for Health and Care, Bavaria announces the plan to establish a new department of integrative medicine. The demand for natural medicine is high and will continue to rise through future generations. Integrative medicine blends scientific and medical therapies with natural medicine thus benefitting patients in the best possible way through a holistic approach. In line with similar efforts in Baden-Wurttemberg and the governments of India and Switzerland, Bavaria sets an example for other countries to follow.

To view the full report by ECHAMP click here

Covid 19. Scientists Recommend Nutrients.

A panel of Swiss Doctors and Professors in co-operation with the Swiss Society of Nutrition have reviewed the scientific evidence and the role of micronutrients in supporting a well-functioning immune system for optimal health.

The recently published paper highlights that the global pandemic has made nutrition and immune support of particular relevance. The researchers point out that the Swiss population are at risk because of inadequate nutritional status particularly Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Omega-3 and Selenium. No doubt the same will apply to many or all European countries.

There is a strong correlation between nutritional status and a well functioning immune system. The study addresses the urgent need to secure adequate nutrient status by supplementation as well as a balanced diet.

Reference: Prof. Mette M. Berger, Prof. Heike Bischoff-Ferrari, Dr. Islabelle Herter, Prof. Michael Zimmermann, Dr. Jorg Spieldenner and Prof. Manfred Eggersdorfer, ‘A Comprehensive approach for health in the Swiss population’.

To view the white paper, click here

Vitamin D – SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

A study as published in the ‘Journal Depression Research and Treatment’, supports the use of Vitamin D supplementation. Seasonal affective disorder or SAD is a recurrent major depressive disorder with a seasonal pattern usually beginning in Autumn and continuing into winter months. As sunlight decreases during the short dark days of winter, many individuals struggle with seasonal affective disorder or SAD. This paper presents an overview of SAD by explaining the disorder and commenting on treatment approaches including light therapy and Vitamin D supplementation. Many people with SAD have insufficient or deficient levels of Vitamin D.

This article discusses the benefits of Vitamin D supplementation during the Winter months.

Reference: Sherri Melrose, Seasonal Affective Disorder: An Overview of Assessment and Treatment Approaches, Journal of Dpression Research Treatment.

To view the full article click here

row of five bottles of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver – Traditional Use in Healthcare

A study published in the Journal ‘Antibiotics’ supports the use of silver as an option due to the increasing prevalence of bacterial resistance to antimicrobials. Silver has been commonly used throughout history to control infections. It has resurfaced as an antibacterial/antiviral/antifungal option in recent times.

Reference: Wilson Sim, Ross T. Barnard, M.A.T. Blaskovich, and Zyta M. Ziora, Antimicrobial Silver in Medicinal and Consumer Applications: A Patent Review of the Past Decade (2007–2017), Antibiotics, 2018

To view the full article, click here

Beta Glucan – Immune Defence

A study published in the journal Applied Physiology Laboratory, discusses the use of Baker’s Yeast beta glucan supplementation to support the immune system and decrease cold and flu symptoms after intense exercise. In order to meet individual health requirements and achieve optimal health it is always best to consult your CAM Practitioner.

Strenuous exercise such as running a marathon is known to suppress mucosal immunity for up to 24 hours which can increase the risk of developing an upper respiratory tract infection (URTI). The study outlined in this article demonstrates that beta glucan may reduce URTI symptomatic days and improve mucosal immunity post exercise.

Reference: Baker’s Yeast Beta Glucan Supplementation Increases Salivary IgA and Decreases Cold/Flu Symptomatic Days After Intense Exercise
Brian K. McFarlin1, Katie C. Carpenter2, Tiffany Davidson3,& Meredith A. McFarlin1

To view the full article click here

Homeopathy & Respiratory Tract Infections

A study published in the Journal ‘Homeopathy’supports the use of homeopathic medicines for prevention of influenza and acute respiratory tract infections in children. Influenza and its complications are common at all ages. This clinical trial was carried out in Brazil with children aged from 1 to 5 years over a 12 month period. The test subjects were distributed into 3 experimental groups, (i) Homeopathic Complex (ii) Placebo (iii) Anti-influenza drugs. The results of the trial suggest that the use of homeopathic medicines minimized the number of flu and respiratory infection in children. The study supports homeopathic prophylactic potential and further study into this area.

Reference: Camila Monteiro Siqueira, Homeopathic medicines for prevention of influenza and acute respiratory tract infections in children: blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial.

To view the full article, click here

Men's Essence 30ml bottle from Australian Bush Flower Essences

Men’s Essence – New from Australian Bush Flower Essences

Following on the heels of Boost and Carers Essence is Men’s Essence, for men always on the go or for when there’s a sense of rushing, impatience or irritability. Ian White, a fifth generation Australian herbalist, has carefully and consciously chosen a combination of Red Helmet Orchid, Sturt Desert Pea, Little Flannel Flower, Bluebell, Boab, Yellow Cowslip Orchid, Blackeyed Susan and Flannel Flower for the new Men’s Essence. He also wanted to present an opportunity to help males feel more comfortable with both physical and emotional intimacy, encouraging one to be more physically active, to talk about and communicate their feelings. This essence can also work on both the bond between a man and his father as well as the bond between himself and his children, if he is a father.

Men’s Health & Men’s Essence

Anger and sadness are two emotions Ian, who has been practicing as a Naturopath since 1979, has witnessed over the years and which seem particularly relevant to men’s journies. The essence can help release deep-held grief and sadness, finding and expressing one’s feelings. It can help encourage playfulness in those who feel self-conscious or inhibited when it comes to expressing themselves. It also has the charms of enhancing one’s sense of humour.

Ian included Boab because of its potential for releasing old male stereotypes, something he feels is quite pertinent to this time. Boab can help shift generational negative family patterns, accessing and clearing  ensuing negative beliefs. Read more here about the individual essences included in Men’s Health in Ian’s recent Newsletter.

Australian Bush Flower Essences has been used successfully for many years to meet the needs of people living in the 21st century. There’s a lot of negativity, loneliness, trauma, anger and hurt held within. Flower essences can help break down these barriers, encouraging people to align with their Higher Selves, enabling a more productive, empowered and joyful life.

Explore Ian’s selection of Combination Essences here.

Boost Essence

Ian created the Boost combination remedy specifically for the current health crisis and the challenging and uncertain times we are now all going through. It was formulated to support and boost while the blend also helps bring about a sense of safety and assurance.
At the same time, there is also a great need and benefit in being able to stay grounded and connected to the Earth and Nature. Boost Essence also contains Fringed Violet to help provide psychic protection against the pervasive energy of panic and fear. This is especially appropriate for all the people who are very sensitive to other people and energies. Boost has a very calming and balancing effect and can help in the midst of change.
Ian has also noted that in Traditional Chinese medicine, grief and sadness are the emotions observed with having an impact on the subtle energies around the lungs. One of the deepest acting of all the Bush essences is Sturt Desert Pea, which works so powerfully on these two emotions. He has never added this single essence to any of their other Combinations but on this occasion, he felt it was appropriate.
This essences may also feel appropriate for all the health store workers, pharmacists, retailers and front-line workers who have continued to provide essential care for the many communities over the last three months. We hope it will be of valuable service to you all.