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Cancer – Eileen Gleeson’s Personal Account

Eileen Gleeson an experienced general nurse tells her story of her personal battle with cancer and how she integrated conventional treatment with CAM Therapies. From both her personal and professional experience Eileen advocates the use of a variety of CAM Therapies to support conventional treatments. Read more: Cancer – When there is a hurry, slow down. 

Functional Foods – Jan Oddvar Johansen

Functional FoodsYeast-Based Dietary Fibers as an Ingredient for the Functional Food and Beverages

Wellmune WGP® a fraction of Beta Glucan 1-3/1-6 is derived from yeast and used in the immune boosting product ImmiFlex. Jan Oddvar Johansen chairman and founder of Immitec who produce ImmiFlex, has over 20 years experience in developing nutritional health products and Immitec has been on the forefront of scientific research in the beneficial use of nutrients for maintaining optimum health and the prevention of adverse health conditions. Read More.

Bioregulatory Medicine – Dr. Tatyana Bosh

Bioregulatory Medicine. New Medical Paradigm.

Dr. Tayana Bosh, president of the International Society of Bioregulatory Medicine, outlines in an article published in Townsend Letter the significant benefits that this healthcare concept can bring to people in these extraordinary and difficult times that we live in. Bioregulatory Medicine encompasses a wide range of natural therapies which it harmonises in such a way as to provide optimum therapeutic output. Read More. 

Beta Glucans – Dr. Paul Clayton


Wellmune Beta Glucan 1.3,1.6 is derived from yeast. The researchers conducted detailed analysis to identify the protein in yeast which caused fungal infection. Having removed  this protein, a Beta Glucan was extracted which was found in clinical trials to be very effective as an immune system protector.

Dr. Paul Clayton is a specialist in nutritional medicine and outlines his findings on the health benefits of this Beta Glucan which is trade name Wellmune.  Read More – Beta Glucans.

Breast Cancer – Angela Burr-Madsen

The responsibility of each of us is to listen to our bodies so that we may discover how we best function, which would then introduce us to our specific relationship with nature. Wellness and healing come with the awareness of one’s inner state and the outward manifestations of healthy, active, interesting lifestyles.

Angela Burr Madsen, a registered Holistic Health Practitioner and Specialized Kinesiologist, has been at the forefront of Naturopathic and Kinesiology Associations for many years. She has been running her own busy practice in Natural Therapeutics in the State of California for over 30 years now. In 1987, she developed a kinesiological nutritional assessment programme, now known as Polarity Reflex Analysis and Nutritional Assessment (PRANA), which is taught throughout the US and Europe. She is also the founder of Gateways College of Naturopathy. Read More. 

Cancer – Friday 13th; One Day in my Life.

Gemma Hoefkens, a school registrar from London, who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of  26, tells us of her fight with cancer and how she was sent home to die by her consultant. Gemma is now a full time practicing homeopath with her own clinic and in this document Gemma gives an insight into how she overcame the tumours she had on her brain using CAM Therapies. Read More.

Why Don’t They All Get Better? – Sally Ann Hutcheson

“There is no doubt in my mind that Classical Homeopathy can work, and work brilliantly. But when it doesn’t work and if we’re honest, it doesn’t work as we would like it to, often enough. Why doesn’t it work?” Read more.

Located in North London, Sally Ann Hutcheson runs a busy practice as a homoeopath and naturopath. In addition she is a regular lecturer on homoeopathy and provides training services for practitioners so as to enable them to further develop their professional practices and income potentials.

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