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The Homeopathic Perspective In Cancer Treatment

Learn how  an experienced practitioner applies homoeopathy  in the treatment of cancer patients. Dr Mukesh Batra is an experienced physician, homeopath, entrepreneur, author and philanthropist. His clinics in India treat thousands of cancer patients per year. This article was first published in Homeopathy International Summer, 2013 edition. Read more.

Vibracell a multi vitamin

Eat Your Fruit and Veg. – Expert recommends easier affordability

Increasingly now scientists are recognising the value of quality foods. Ivan Barry, Professor of epidemiology and public health at University College Cork (UCC), writing in The Irish Times health supplement emphasises the importance of an adequate supply of fresh fruit and vegetables in the diet could be of immense value to personal and public health, the basic principle underlying CAM Therapies for decades. Among the details that Professor Barry provides is that 1,070 deaths per year could be prevented if the entire population reduced its salt intake by 3 grams a day and reduced trans-fats and saturated fats. Read More – Eating Less Salt & Fat.

Homeoepathy and Cancer – University of Texas

Dr. Ralph Moss PhD writing in Townsend Letter reported on a landmark study where researchers in  the University of Texas reported positive outcomes for the treatment of cancer using homoeopathy. In particular the researchers used two individual herbs in high dilution homoeopathic potency which proved beneficial for the treatment of breast and prostate cancers. Read More.

Fish Oils – Dr. Muiris Houston

Controversial information concerning fish oils has been published in recent weeks, particularly the potential or possible development of prostate cancer. Dr.Muiris Houston, in a very balanced article in the Irish Times states that the risk of prostate cancer is not supported by the clinical evidence. However he does suggest that over-use of fish oils should be avoided and the traditional preferred intake of a few portions of oily fish (such as mackerel, cod, salmon and tuna) per week be included in the diet. Read more.

Food Allergy Storm – Dr. Ingrid Kohlstadt

Dr. Ingrid Kohlstadt writing in Townsend Letter warns of the increasing prevalence of allergies arising from the consumption of inappropriate foods coupled with addition of many compounds to food such as: colorants, preservatives, taste enhancers, which are toxic when consumed in excess. Dr. Kohlstadt suggests that these are harmful to the body, depress the immune system and depletes its ability to be able to react to adverse external forces including pathogens. Read More. 

Investing in Health – The European Commission

In a new publication, the European Commission has called on member states to prioritise and modernise their social support programmes for the populations. The document titled “Investment in Health” outlines the commissions views and ambitions which cover such matters as sustainable health systems, investment in human capital and the need to reduce inequalities in the provision of health services. As a CAM Provider we welcome this initiative by the commission both directly and through our trade association we will follow up on developments towards the Commissions objectives.

The European Homoeopathic Industry, represented by ECHAMP, welcomed the initiative by the European Commission. ECHAMP in its response drew attention to the demands by European citizens that homoeopathic and antroposophical medicines should be made more freely available to European citizens as part of their health needs. More than one hundred-million European citizens use or have used homoeopathy and this is an issue which must be addressed. The regulatory framework is a major disincentive and impediment to availability because of its complexity and cost. ECHAMP have asked the Commission and the European Parliament to address this matter urgently.

Investing in Health.

Sustainability: Homeopathy’s Emerging Strength – Dr. Delny Britton

Sustainability: Homeopathy’s Emerging Strength

First published in The Homeopath – Journal of the Society of Homeopaths. April 2012.

Whilst a key technological driver across a wide range of industries, the principle of sustainability has yet to be embraced fully by mainstream medicine, one of the biggest businesses on the planet. In this piece Dr. Delny Britton, PhD, RS Hom., examines the healthcare system in terms of its economic, social and environmental sustainability and discover why it cannot continue along its present path. Big challenges and changes lie ahead, and with them the opportunity for homeopathy to play a significant role in healthcare systems of the future. Read More. 

Tissue Salts – Elaine Geary

Tissue Salts also referred to as Cell Salts or the Biochemic Remedies have become very popular with natural health practitioners in recent years. Clearly this is recognition that this long standing therapeutic system of German origin has positive health benefits for people. Naturopath Elaine Geary outlines the history and many of the known benefits. Read more.

Cancer – Eileen Gleeson’s Personal Account

Eileen Gleeson an experienced general nurse tells her story of her personal battle with cancer and how she integrated conventional treatment with CAM Therapies. From both her personal and professional experience Eileen advocates the use of a variety of CAM Therapies to support conventional treatments. Read more: Cancer – When there is a hurry, slow down. 

Functional Foods – Jan Oddvar Johansen

Functional FoodsYeast-Based Dietary Fibers as an Ingredient for the Functional Food and Beverages

Wellmune WGP® a fraction of Beta Glucan 1-3/1-6 is derived from yeast and used in the immune boosting product ImmiFlex. Jan Oddvar Johansen chairman and founder of Immitec who produce ImmiFlex, has over 20 years experience in developing nutritional health products and Immitec has been on the forefront of scientific research in the beneficial use of nutrients for maintaining optimum health and the prevention of adverse health conditions. Read More.

Bioregulatory Medicine – Dr. Tatyana Bosh

Bioregulatory Medicine. New Medical Paradigm.

Dr. Tayana Bosh, president of the International Society of Bioregulatory Medicine, outlines in an article published in Townsend Letter the significant benefits that this healthcare concept can bring to people in these extraordinary and difficult times that we live in. Bioregulatory Medicine encompasses a wide range of natural therapies which it harmonises in such a way as to provide optimum therapeutic output. Read More. 

Beta Glucans – Dr. Paul Clayton


Wellmune Beta Glucan 1.3,1.6 is derived from yeast. The researchers conducted detailed analysis to identify the protein in yeast which caused fungal infection. Having removed  this protein, a Beta Glucan was extracted which was found in clinical trials to be very effective as an immune system protector.

Dr. Paul Clayton is a specialist in nutritional medicine and outlines his findings on the health benefits of this Beta Glucan which is trade name Wellmune.  Read More – Beta Glucans.