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Vitamin D and the estimated benefits for Germany

Professor Armin Zittermann wrote an article in ‘Molecular Nutrition & Food Research’ about how the German population could help reduce their healthcare costs by achieving optimal vitamin D intake and absorption. Health risks can be increased without adequate vitamin D. Read more.

Heart Problems – Could the humble tomato help prevent CVD

Scientists at the University of Cambridge U.K. conducted research on the effects of oral Lycopene, the active ingredient in a tomato. It was found to have beneficial effects in lowering the risk of Cardiovascular Disease. The results were published in Plos One June 2014.  CVD is a worldwide problem but with a lower incidence in the Mediterranean region which has traditionally been associated with the Mediterranean diet i.e. a higher intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and olive oil than other regions. Findings by the researchers at Cambridge in a random controlled clinical trial gives some scientific support to the long held view of the importance of diet. Read more.

Bioregulatory Psychosomatic Bodywork: Generating Health via the Body’s Own Communication System

Published in this month’s Townsend Letter magazine, Dr. Tatyana Bosh , president of International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine, provides insight into the healing capacity of human touch. Through her own formulated Bioregulatory Psychosomatic Bodywork, she discusses how bodywork techniques can be applied to help regulate homeostatic mechanisms and enhance emotional health. Read more.

Homoeopathy and Self-Medication

Professor Dr. Robert Jutte, Director of the Institute for the History of Medicine of the Robert Bosch Foundation provides some valuable information on the suitability of homoeopathy for self-medication.

Dr. Jutte provides some historical facts but in the current context his article is very much in line with the polices of the WHO and the European Commission in so far as they both advocate “citizens choice” in healthcare. Clearly we are a long way from that at this time. Does your hospital or your doctor provide you with your choice? Read more.

ECHAMP asks European Parliament to address unsuitable regulation

The European elections of May 2014 will give voters a chance to influence the future political course of the EU. The European Parliament is considered a crucial and accessible partner for ECHAMP’s advocacy activities. ECHAMP contests for suitable regulation for homoeopathy and anthroposophic medicinal products and fights for freedom of choice in healthcare. Read manifesto here.

European Parliament CAM Interest Group meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance

The European Parliament recently held a meeting to discuss the role of CAM in helping reduce the need for antibiotics. Both the World Health Organisation and the European Commission have identified antimicrobial resistance as a major crisis facing today’s health systems. Read more on the presentations given.

Homoeopathy second most popular complementary therapy in the Netherlands

In Holland the National Bureau of Statistics has published some data on CAM Therapies.  Acupuncture and Homoeopathy are among the most popular therapies. Some 6% of the population consulted a CAM Provider in the years 2010 to 2012, mostly women, well educated aged between 30 and 65. Read more.

Autism and Vitamin D – University of California

Research at the University of California – Oakland led by Professors Bruce Ames and Rhonda Patrick found that Serotonin and Vitamin D may be key factors in Autism. The researchers found that excess Serotonin produced in the gut may be an inflammatory factor and further that Serotonin which fails to cross the blood-brain barrier thereby may give rise to a deficiency in the brain. More information is to follow but initial findings suggest that supplementation with Vitamin. D could help prevent Autism. Read more.

Autism – CEASE Therapy combines homoeopathy and nutrition

CEASE Therapy was developed by Dr. Tinus Smits for the treatment and relief of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Barbara Tibballs – homoeopath and CEASE Therapist outlines how homoeopathic detoxification and targeted nutrition works very effectively in providing relief for this condition. Read more.

Homoeopathy – ECHAMP outlines need for appropriate regulation.

ECHAMP, the trade association representing the homeopathic industry, has published a new brochure for stakeholders. The brochure, whilst giving some interesting E.U. statistics, outlines the current unsatisfactory nature of the regulatory system for homoeopathy. Describing the system as unsustainable, ECHAMP calls for urgent action to correct this so that homoeopathy can be available to E.U. citizens. For further information, please read here.

Ulcerative Colitis – A personal account

Ulcerative colitis is a form of inflammatory bowel disease.  Mark’s personal narration of his illness takes us through what he suffered and how he found relief with natural remedies. Read more.

WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014 – 2023

In her foreword to the report, Dr Margaret Chan, states that the objective is to support member states in harnessing the potential contribution of traditional and complementary medicines to the health and wellness of the population. Read more.

To read the full report, please follow the link – Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023

Dr. Chan is the Director-General of WHO.  She is currently serving her second term as Director-General.  Prior to this position, Dr. Chan was WHO Assistant Director-General for Communicative Diseases.  She also spent 9 years as Director of Health in Hong Kong.