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Oleuropein – Cardioprotective role in olive leaf

Dr. Syed Haris Omar of the College of Pharmacy, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia published an article in the Journal, Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal. Read here

The article reviews a number of researches documenting the cardioprotective role of oleuropein derived from olive leaf.

Curcumin – Reduces inflammation and muscle damage

Dr. Brian K. McFarlin of the University of North Texas published an article in the Journal BBA Clinical which addresses the benefits of oral supplementation with bioavailable curcumin.Read here

It was identified that curcumin impacts significantly on muscle recovery and other exercise induced damage thus improving functional capacity during subsequent exercise sessions.

Breast Cancer – Omega-3 Fish Oil Lowers Risk

Jeongseon et al carried out a case-control study to examine the association between fish sourced omega-3 fatty acid intake and the risk of breast cancer.
The results of the study suggest that high consumption of fatty fish is associated with a reduced risk for breast cancer.Read Here

Zinc helps fight infection by enhancing immune response

Dr. Ming-Jie Liu of The Ohio State University published an article in Cell Reports

Liu’s research team carried out a study outlining the role of the micronutrient zinc in immune function. The study suggests that zinc deficiency is associated with elevated inflammation and poor response to bacterial infection.

Limbic System – Disease and Homeopathy

It is no surprise that stress can make you sick. The idea that there may be a link between the emotions and disease has been researched by scientists and healthcare professionals for generations.

In her published article, Limbic System, Disease & Homeopathy, Homeopath, Sally Ann Hutcheson suggests that optimal health may be restored through healing the limbic system.This article was originally published in Positive Health Online, August 2016 – Issue 232

British Homoeopathic Congress – Belfast – 2016

November 3-6, 2016

Europa Hotel, Great Victoria Street, Belfast, BT2 7AP.

This biennial event is always a popular addition to the homoeopathic calandar. This year’s theme is Homoeopathy: Healthy Patients, Healthy Practice.

There will be presentations, seminars and workshops from leading international homoeopaths. This year, the congress will also focus on networking within the CAM community.

New Vistas will be taking a stand at the congress, so we look forward to meeting both old and new acquaintances.

Registrations are now open for all homoeopaths. To book a place, please click here, or you can download a brochure here.

For any enquiries, please email:

Obesity – A major health concern for CAM practitioners

Tackling obesity and the associated sub-health conditions is now a major public concern. Prevention, assessment and management are all strategies required to get ahead of this epidemic.

In her article, as published in  Positive Health Online (August 2016 – issue 232), Dr. Heli Goode discusses the CAM approach and why current working healthcare programs are not cohesive to a long-term approach to healthy weight loss or appropriate weight maintenance. Read more.


International Congress on Integrative Health& Medicine

With over 600 participants from over 40 countries, delegates from last month’s congress have called for more integrative CAM services throughout modern healthcare. Read more. 

Switzerland acknowledge homeopathy as part of healthcare services.

It has been announced that Switzerland intend to give CAM therapies the same recognition as conventional medicine in relation to health insurance. The therapies acknowledged include homoeopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine and holistic medicine. To see ECHAMP’s announcement, please read here.

ECHAMP, the European Coalition on Homoeopathy & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products, is working to develop the industry for natural medicines and ensure availability for all customers.

Homoeopathy & Depression.

Dana Ullman, lecturer, published author and regular contributor to The Huffington Post, provides a modern and significant interpretation on the role of homoeopathy and how it can aid depressive conditions. For the full blog, as published in Huffpost Healthy Living , please read here.

Blood Pressure – Fish Oil Supplementation

Dr. Anne Marie Minihane, University of East Anglia, has investigated the role of fish oils in cardiovascular health.
The study has determined that even the smallest amounts of fish oil can reduce blood pressure (BP), but only in those who have a history of hypertension.

For more details of the research, please read the following article from Will Chu, Nuraingredients. Read more.

Applied Kinesiology Essentials

Dr. Scott Cuthbert BA, BCAO, DC, head of the Chiropractic Health Center in Colorado, has authored two textbooks on Applied Kinesiology, presented numerous papers on AK clinical research and has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles.

In the January edition of ‘Townsend Letter’, he presents an overview of the important role Applied Kinesiology plays in the evaluation of health concerns. Specific muscle weakness can signal imbalances and weaknesses in organs or glands. AK can be used to direct Personalised Health Plans in relation to deficiencies, blocked energy pathways and other health concerns. The integrated consideration of physical, psychological and nutritional components benefits all CAM practitioners in their approach to wellness. Read more.