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’45 Years Healing’ – Agnes McGuinness Book!

Traditional Naturopath Agnes McGuinness has served the CAM community for 45 years. In her book she tells her story of how she came to practice and her clinical experiences over the years. The book is filled with helpful tips and Agnes shares some of her favourite natural remedies.

Some of her clients also tell their story and share experiences of how Agnes helped them and their families on a path to better health.

’45 Years Healing’ is available here

Antibiotic Resistance and Homeopathy – Austrian Government Takes Action

The Austrian Government has released a National Action Plan on the potential of homeopathy and other complementary medicines in tackling antibiotic resistance. This Action Plan highlights the need for policy makers to integrate conventional and complementary medicine to best serve public health. The plan also identifies a number of actions to reduce and optimise the use of antibiotics in animals.

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$250million Investment – WHO Global Centre for Traditional Medicine

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Government of India are to establish the WHO Global Centre for Traditional Medicine on April 21st in Gujurat, India. As lead investor in the WHO Global Centre for Traditional Medicine, India has committed an estimated US$ 250 million to support the Centre’s establishment, infrastructure and operations. The centre is part of WHO’S overall traditional medicine strategy and will have a strategic focus on evidence and learning and the contribution of traditional medicine such as herbal medicines, acupuncture and homeopathy. Around 80% of the world’s population is estimated to use traditional medicine. This new centre will concentrate on building a solid evidence base for policies and standards on traditional medicine practices and products and help countries integrate it as appropriate into their health systems.

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Heavy Metals – Vitamins – Depression

A study published in the Journal Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res. Int. addresses the interaction between heavy metals and depression. This study also supports the role of dietary vitamin intake in protecting the public against depression. Further studies are needed to reduce the risk of depression by heavy metals and to determine more comprehensively the effects of daily dietary vitamin intake on depression. In this study it was determined that a doubling of serum cadmium was associated with a 21% increase in depression whereas twofold increases in daily vitamin B1, B3 and vitamin A intakes reduced the risk of depression by 17%.

Reference: Hai Duc Nguyen, Hojin Oh, Ngoc Hong Minh Hoang, Won Hee Jo, and Min-Sun Kim, Environmental science and pollution research role of heavy metal concentrations and vitamin intake from food in depression: a national cross-sectional study (2009–2017), Environ Sci Pollut Res Int., 2021 Aug 19.

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Antibiotic Resistance

A study published in the Lancet highlights antimicrobial resistance (AMR) as a leading cause of death worldwide. This is the largest study to date which assesses the global impact that bacterial antibiotic resistance has on patients and countries’ health systems. The high incidence of deaths associated with drug resistant bacterial infections focuses on the need to make AMR a higher priority going forward.

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Vitamin C and Metabolic Syndrome

Vitamin C – low mental vitality

A recent study as published in the Journal BMC Psychiatry supports the use of supplementary Vitamin C to enhance mental vitality. Vitamin C deficiency may be related to adverse mood and cognitive effects. Vitamin C deficiency may be more common than is generally assumed. The study reviews the evidence base for the neuropsychiatric effects of vitamin C deficiency.

New Vistas Vitamin C is a popular holistic supplement. Ideally a CAM Provider can evaluate a person’s individual health requirements and recommend a suitable supplement.

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WHO Report – baby formula

A recent publication by WHO and UNICEF addresses the aggressive marketing of baby formula used by the industry. The report claims that these practices compromise child nutrition and violates international commitments. Invasive online marketing and the use of promotion offers and free gifts should be regulated and enforced to adequately protect children’s health.

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New Vistas Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium – organ and tissue repair

A study published in the ‘European Journal of Pharmacology’ late last year supports the use of dietary and supplementary magnesium for organ and tissue repair. Bio-available magnesium is essential for various physiological functions such as cell cycle, metabolic regulation, muscle contraction, and vasomotor tone. Ideally, a CAM Provider can evaluate an individuals health requirements and create a personalised health plan to achieve wellness goals.

New Vistas Magnesium Citrate capsules are a popular supplement to help boost magnesium levels.

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Whole Health Immune Complex

The star of the show this season! Whole Health Immune Complex colloidal mineral food supplement with Vitamin D and beta glucan for targeted immune vitality and nourishment.

Complementary and Integrative Medicine

Homeopathy Research International (HRI) is a UK-based charity dedicated to promoting high quality research in homeopathy at an international level. It is committed to the evaluation of homeopathy using rigorous scientific methods and communicating the results of such work beyond usual academic circles. The website ( offers a wealth of useful resources about homeopathy research. HRI has recently announced the availability of some new resources which covers the recently critiqued EPI3 observational study. This study assessed the real-world impact of homeopathy in France. The concluding message from this high quality study is that patients in France who consult a homeopathic GP for some of the most prevalent conditions in general practice, cost 20% less, get better at the same rate, and use fewer drugs compared to patients consulting GPs prescribing conventional medicine only. This study is a significant piece of evidence, adding to that from other European countries, identifying the potential beneficial impact of homeopathy when used within an integrated healthcare model.

Reference: Roberts ER, Moseley AJ, van der Werf ET, Tournier AL, The EPI3-LASER study: Real-world observational evidence for homeopathy from
General Physicians in France.

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European Antibiotic Awareness Day 2021

Today, November 18th is European Antibiotic Day. Antibiotic resistance is particularly important in these times of COVID. More bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics, making antibiotics increasingly ineffective. Only very few new antibiotics are entering the market. Cautious and appropriate use of antimicrobials is vital. Complementary and Integrative Medicine can play an important role in advocating the use of non-antibiotic treatments.

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Further evidence – Vitamin D

New research from Trinity College Dublin and the University of Edinburgh has evaluated the association between Vitamin D and Covid-19. A subsequent study published in the Journal, Scientific Reports in September, supports the use of dietary Vitamin D to protect against deficiency particularly in the winter months.

New Vistas Vitamin D3 2500iu will offer adequate supplementation. Ideally, a CAM Provider can evaluate a person’s specific requirements and design a personalised health programme to help achieve wellness goals.

Reference: Xue Li, An observational and Mendelian randomisation study on vitamin D and COVID-19 risk in UK Biobank, Scientific Reports 2021

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