Immune Defence – Colloidal Minerals

The ‘Whole Health Immune Complex’ launched this month and so far, customer feedback has been extremely positive. This food supplement nourishes the body with colloidal minerals; used specifically for their enhanced bio-availability. It also contains amino acids, biologically active vitamin D3 and Betox beta-glucan, one of the purest and natural sources of immune modulators. Immune system support is always best achieved under the guidance of a CAM Practitioner where a person’s individual needs can be monitored and met.
Whole Health – the purpose is in the name – strategically supports normal functioning of the entire body. It enhances cells, nerves, muscles, bone and heart vitality. It promotes an alkalised environment and aids inflammatory concerns. The synergy of the ingredients encourages improved oxygen transportation and wound healing. Microscopic nutrients and dissolved minerals also provide a natural source of electrolytes. Ideally a CAM Provider can identify people’s health requirements and tailor a personalised health plan for the individual.

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