Ian White – Kinesiology Workshop

Muscle Testing with ABFE

Following the success of last years’ event at Malahide Castle, we had been eagerly awaiting the much-anticipated return of Ian White to Ireland this year. A two-day workshop entitled ‘Kinesiology and Australian Bush Flower Essences’ took place on June 29th & 30th at the Hodson Bay Hotel in Athlone. Participants travelled from all over Ireland and even as far as Scotland to take part in this wonderful event. The workshop was attended by both proficient Kinesiologists and those that are new to the technique! The workshop has been designed to help users to accurately muscle test using the Australian Bush Flower Essences.
Ian White is the founder of the Australian Bush Flower Essences and a 5th generation Australian herbalist. Like a breath of fresh air, Ian White arrived on the Saturday morning in one of his signature pastel suits. Yellow was the colour of choice! (It was pink on the Sunday) Ian’s passion and commitment brought great ease of listening and flow to the workshop. His wealth of knowledge is abundant and the manner in which the information is delivered is inspirational. There was a perfect balance between theory and practical interaction. Throughout the two days the participants had plenty of opportunity to pair up and practice Kinesiology with each other. Knowledge was shared and relationships formed. Ian touched on the essences and their application in practice also. His profound respect and connection with nature shone through. It truly was, a thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening workshop that showcased Kinesiology as a key diagnostic technique for Natural Therapists.
Our Customer Service team were kept busy at the event with purchases being made on Australian Bush Flower Essence books, insight cards, white light essence CD, body love creams etc. The Australian Bush Flower pendants were in high demand! Some stocks are still available.
On behalf of the team at New Vistas Healthcare we would like to extend our thanks to Ian White for delivering a fantastic workshop and to all the amazing participants for helping to make it such a memorable event.