Ian White – Australian Bush Flower Essences

We have spent the last number of months excitedly awaiting the arrival of May 25th. Ian White, B.Sc., N.D., D.B.M. Naturopath and Founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences, had not lectured in Ireland for many years and whilst his reputation was highly regarded, it must be said that nothing beats the real deal. If a picture paints a thousand words then meeting this great man in person is the equivalent of an illustrious literary achievement.

Ian’s poise brought great balance and ease to each day. He led wonderful meditations throughout every class, which also set a measured tone of expectancy for the remainder of the day’s participation.  His clear and methodical approach ensured that each topic covered a variety of relevant and practical information, which can easily be used in any home or work setting. For healthcare professionals, his experience as a practitioner shone through, with thought-provoking insights and disciplines as to how to reach and help those crippled or plagued with deeply rooted health concerns. Not all advice centred around the ABFE range either, and so exploring additional wellness ideas such as numerology, expanded the set of tools which we all have at our disposal. We witnessed the conviction of kinesiology, of detrimental self-talk and negative beliefs and we could have talked about the art of forgiveness as an entire session in itself.

Friday was the Women’s Health workshop. The role of females, of how we see women, their relationships and physicality was discussed in great lengths. Topical concerns such as esteem, sexuality, family planning, comfort eating, family life, HRT, breast cancer and self-acceptance were all presented with a definitive wisdom and assurance. It shone a significant light on the role of ‘mother’ and undoubtedly inspired many attendants to delve deeper into their discomfort zones and review personal conceptual feelings of their place here in this life.

Saturday was an inspired workshop in terms of its bearing on our current society and the modern dilemmas faced daily by so many men, women and children. Mental & Emotional Wellbeing looked at the whole environment surrounding everybody; how a child is born, miasmatic inheritances, even close proximity to electronic devices and how we perceive spiritual pollution. The applications of Ian’s teachings and experiences can be exercised to help stressful situations from asthma to chronic worry and everything in between. We explored depression, bullying, sadness, dementia and cognitive imbalances which may be impeding greater health. Overall, we were presented with safe and easy tools to improve our emotional intelligence, and from there physical good health will also flow. Sunday was Ian’s Masterclass and we had the opportunity to explore a variety of topics personal to participants.

The Bush Flower Essences have been respected for many years for their gentle influences but be sure that these powerful remedies are imprinting strong and sturdy messages of support. For further guidance, we highly recommend either of Ian’s books, “Australian Bush Flower Healing” or “Australian Bush Flower Essences”, which discuss in detail the significance, history and applications of over 69 flower essences and a wide variety of emotional and physical complaints.

We would like to thank Ian for a profound and fun weekend and his wife Jane whose jolly energy brought extra warmth to each day. Thanks also to Seamus Murphy and Independent Irish Health Foods whose support was central to our wonderful event. Special thanks to all those who participated throughout each workshop – thank you for travelling and being present. We look forward to welcoming you to future events.