Holistic Approach – Philosophy

Holistic Approach to Homeopathy & Alternative Healthcare - Yin & Yang of the HumanOur holistic approach focuses on integrated healthcare. This includes the physical, mental and emotional elements of health.  Alongside technological advances, wellness and fitness have struggled to fit in today’s busy timetable.  In an ever-changing, hectic and more stressful environment, our philosophy is now of greater importance. This feeds into the modern paradigm of healthcare. How can we help improve chronic health conditions?

Integrated medicines offer respite for the body, mind and soul. Some therapies originate from traditional Eastern philosophies. Like our own philosophy, their holistic approach brings balance and healing to the forefront. Through a combination of individual assessment, detoxification, organ support, quality nutrition and immune enhancement, our holistic approach offers an all-round therapeutic modality.

The Helping Hand of Nature

With 30 years experience behind us, we have nurtured and developed top-quality natural products and professional services. These have been the backbone of many successful cases. Natural healthcare uses the gifts and knowledge provided by Mother Earth to balance and sustain a strong body. However, within the right context and used in a correct and responsible manner, natural healthcare can also address the underlying causes. Above all else, the goal is to reduce any additional stress to the body. We created our products with this in mind. By acknowledging today’s practical challenges, we can help people looking for preventative measures. Educating people about environmental factors also develops awareness.

Holistic Approach to Homeopathy Supplies Program for Chronically Unwell – the Holistic Approach

Our model incorporates essential phases in the restoration of balance. We use Xenobiotics to aid detoxification. They address harmful pathogens, chemicals and toxins. Liquescences help drain, support and nourish stressed or damaged organs. Sarcodes encourage the restoration of damaged tissue. Treatment remedies stimulate the body’s own healing power. These are useful for acute symptoms. Similarily, food and botanical supplements can also help address weaknesses or deficiencies.

Look at the demands of modern lifestyles. You will become more aware of increased toxicity exposure. Is the client actively engaged in certain areas?  Look at what motivates them. Usually their history and what has made them the person they are will also provide profound insight.

A holistic approach to health interprets symptoms as warning signs. Are there external or internal inflences overwhelming a body? This new paradigm looks at understanding the causal effect. A number of factors will affect natural homoeostasis. Namely the accumulation of toxins, nutritional deficiencies, pH imbalances, physical stress and psychological trauma. However, your expression of unwellness is unique. Determining factors will include genetic predisposition, personal characteristics and constitutions. Cases are individualised. Ultimately, the integrity of good health is questioned when the vital force’s natural rhythm is disturbed or impaired.

We offer greater understanding of the body, mind and spirit.  For that reason, we include pay special attention to the relationships between organs and emotions. We evaluate a person’s immune responses. We determine any toxicity suppressing biological mechanisms. All this feeds into a Personalised Health Plan.

We welcome like-minded professionals who are driven by reform, share our values and above all else appreciatethe holistic approach.