homeopathy supplies company - new vista healthcare for better health New Vistas Healthcare strongly believes in promoting health and raising awareness, not simply managing debilitating symptoms. As a leading homeopathy supplier and manufacturer, we help people cope with the stresses and strains of modern living. We encourage our practitioners to look at exogenous and endogenous influences affecting their clients and how these factors can contribute to the complexity of symptoms and ill health.

Our range is predominantly homeopathic, however we do extend our products to cover a wide spectrum of integrated medicines. We offer detoxification remedies to help access and eliminate the root cause of problems. Anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal formulations eliminate harmful microbes. Immune enhancers and nutritional support remedies help rebuild and strengthen weakened organs and body systems.

We advocate for more health professionals to look closely at the potential factors surrounding ill health: toxicity, nutrition, emotional unrest and stress. By addressing the unique needs and nature of a person, it contributes to a deeper understanding of many ailments.

We work with a passion for health and provide a homeopathy supplier service to all complementary and medical practitioners. We embrace the work of ECHAMP, ECH and other homeopathic associations and that contributes to the reliable and quality brand of healthcare that we offer today.

We not only work with homeopaths but with medical professions and many other healthcare therapists. Homeopathy, because of its gentle and safe nature works well alongside nutritional therapy, kinesiology, acupuncture, naturopathy, reiki, reflexology, bio resonance therapy, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, massage and emotional therapies. Homeopathy is also successfully used by veterinarians to help support suffering animals.

homeopathic products and supplies company - new vista heathcare - for harmony of body and soul

The visualisation that healthcare is a choice and everybody has the right and means to be healthy starts with professional and accredited healthcare practitioners. We value continual learning and a quest for knowledge. CAM providers share our vision – health and vitality – and that common goal regularly sees our approach to health expand and focus more on the individual.

Energy medicine uses corrective measures to restore, repair, re-balance and maintain the vital force and we are driven to further promote homoeopathy as a brand of healthcare and the importance of choice in complementary therapies.

Traditionalism – Homoeopathy verses Homeopathy

Throughout our website, you will notice that where possible we use the original spelling homoeopathy. Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy, was also a linguist and took pride in the origins of words. Homoeopathy derives from the Greek ‘homeois’ meaning similar or like and ‘pathos’ which means suffering.  Combining the two together means ‘similar suffering’ which in essence is the exact theory behind the remedies – the ‘Law of Similars’. However, in recent times the origin of the word seemed less popular with homeopathy being used as a simplified version.

Homoeopathy and homeopathy are the same, but from time to time you may see homeopathy used.  Either variant is acceptable.