Homeopathy: Effective and Economical

Securvita, is one of Germany’s leading health insurance companies and promotes itself as a ‘pioneer of naturopathy and provider of modern medicine. The company has released an analysis of data from its policy holders that shows that those who receive homeopathic care are significantly better off and need fewer conventional medicines than those who receive ordinary conventional care without homeopathic treatment.

A new study, ‘Studie zur Homöopathie: Wirtschaftlich und Wirksam’ (Economical and Effective), compares the data of nearly 16,000 Securvita policy holders who have been regularly treated by homeopathic health insurance physicians for at least three years with an equally large control group that has received ordinary conventional care without homeopathic treatment. It shows the real life benefits and improvements of homeopathic treatment which has been documented in the insurance data over several years.

The full study has been published in German here