Homeopathy Awareness Week 2020

It is ever so appropriate that World Health Day and Homeopathy Awareness Week fall within days of each other. Earliest reports suggest the Ancient Greeks noted the benefits of the Law of Similar – treating like with like.

Today we remember Dr Samuel Hahnemann’s birthday. He is considered the modern Father of Homeopathy and this is why we commence Homeopathy Awareness Week on April 10th. Homeopathy is highly regarded throughout the world. It is one of the most popular medicine systems in India. It is used to stimulate healing responses physically, mentally and emotionally. Nationally, we recognise the important role Homoeotherapy – integrating natural and complementary practices such as homeopathy, kinesiology, acupuncture, bio resonance, reflexology and additional CAM services to enhance optimum whole-health responses – plays in the well-being of our lives and that of our family and friends. Throughout Ireland there are busy Practitioners helping people navigate difficult terrains. That could be serious health concerns, both physically or emotionally or when people feel at an impasse in their lives and need some professional guidance and direction, to enhance their vital force and empower them with the tools to make the best decisions for their life’s journey.

The World Health Organisation defines health as a “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” It is pragmatic to consider that good health is an on-going state. When people feel well, they are in balance, they are connected with their true sense of purpose, they recognise the continuous journey of healthy choices throughout their lives. It is unrealistic to think that the consideration of being healthy only begins at the first sign of symptoms.

Homoeopathy is considered a safe and natural healthcare system. The ingredients used are sourced from nature and honours the vibrational environment in which it works. It is used everyday for both acute and chronic concerns, even by well-know figures including Queen Elizabeth and David Beckham. It gently communicates and respects the body, allowing time and space for cellular restoration and spiritual awareness.

To learn more about Homeopathy Awareness Week, read here. If you are looking for a local Homoeotherapy Practitioner, please contact us for further information.

Wishing you all extremely good health over this long weekend.