Hay Fever – Immune Responses

Hay fever is a common seasonal complaint. Some lowered immune systems react to grass, tree and hay pollen. During Spring & Summer, pollen counts are naturally higher and can cause an increase in symptoms such as sneezing, runny noses and itchy eyes. Face pains, sweating and headaches are also common complaints. Integrated medicine can help alleviate symptoms and reduce anxiety for sufferers at this time. However, it is more important than ever to appreciate the role a sturdy and vitalised immune system plays within wellness. Recent research suggests that healthy cellular function and the body’s ability to clear old or fatigued cells can support overall functionality of the body’s response to threats. Sanguinex, Lympex, Mitochondria Liquescence and Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids may be recommended by CAM Providers to help move old cells and revitalise cellular productivity.
ImmiFlex, a nutritional immune supplement derived from yeast beta glucans may enhance natural immune responses and studies have shown that allergy sufferers taking Wellmune WGP, the potent ingredient found in ImmiFlex, experienced a 27% reduction in average allergy symptoms and a 52% reduction in severity of their symptoms. Hay Fever is a homoeopathic remedy which may help to relieve and control hay fever symptoms. IMS and Microflora Liquescence are natural stimulants which may boost the body’s vibra-tional defences. AIN is a useful support when the body experiences any inflammation, so relief can help soothe the sinus area. Vitamin D Liquescence plays an important role is balancing vitamin D levels, an important nutrient required for optimal immune function. Opsin II is a xenobiotic which may help the body process inhalant sensitivities. During bouts of symptoms, Mucous Liquescence offers immediate relief from the build up of mucous and catarrh, produced when the body is working to fight off invading pathogens. Be well equipped this season; manage your symptoms the natural way.