Happy Birthday – Whole Health

One year on from the introduction of our new Whole Health range, we are pleased with the clinical response towards Whole Health Immune Complex and what it has provided customers. WH Immune Complex has been successfully used by CAM Providers and their clients as pick-me-up for energy, stamina, improved hair, skin and nail quality and supporting compromised immune responses, especially in relation to cold and flu symptoms. It has also been used as a nutritional mineral support for people whose diets are lacking.
With active pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, it offers the body colloidal mineral nourishment; used specifically for enhanced bioavailability. It contains amino acids, biologically active vitamin D3 and Betox beta-glucan, one of the purest and natural sources of immune modulators.
Within clinic settings, it has been noted this targeted approach provides efficient results. Immune Complex has also tested up for those where stress significantly impacts the body’s balance and organ and system vitality. The synergy of the ingredients also encourage improved oxygen transportation, wound healing and natural electrolytes.