Hand Sanitiser by Dublin Herbalists

‘Clean Hands’ is a light and easily-absorbed hand sanitiser spray which leaves hands feeling fresh, soft and protected. It contains 65% Isopropyl Alcohol to keep your hands clean, Gylcerin to protect and moisturise, Lemon essential oil to refresh and uplift and Tea Tree oil to help ward off germs.

During times of national camaraderie, we all have a part to play. Supporting independent and local farmers, shops, businesses and ventures offers stability and invests in regional skills, talents and materials. Energetically, it helps promote continuation. Who better to use during times of unpredictability than those who are close to us. It nurtures a sense of representation, of local pride and contributes to national growth and security.

Dublin Herbalists’ story is one we can all relate to – seeking natural and pure skincare products sourced from Mother Nature. Read more about Naturopath and Herbalist Claire Brett here.

This hand sanitiser offers a beautiful aroma and is ideal for sunny, Summery days ahead.

You can order this hand sanitiser here