Flower Essences for Emotional Well-Being – Naas – 2016

We have just announced a new date for the popular ‘Flower Essences for Emotional Well-Being’ seminar for Spring 2016.

Geraldine Sammon will return as tutor, having trained in Australia alongside Ian White, founder of the Australian Bush Flower Essences.

External stressors and emotional pain such as grief, anger or poor body image can engulf the body if not recognised, controlled or unburdened. Chronic stress and repressed emotions can impact bodies, behaviours and relationships. Emotional unrest can upset hormone balance, undermine cognitive behaviour, weaken immunity and influence health conditions.

Geraldine will show how the subtle workings of flower therapy and kinesiology can encourage permanent shift patterns, helping clients on the road to individualism and good health.

For more information, please read here.

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